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The 3 Best iPhone Accessories for Skiing and Snowboarding
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The 3 Best iPhone Accessories for Skiing and Snowboarding

bose headphones, otterbox case, burton touchscreen gloves

Whether we’re in the jumping in the water or carving on the slopes, we’re always concerned with the safety of the technology in our pockets. Yes, we’re talking about our precious iPhones. So as we head into snow season, we’re shopping for protective gear so we can stay plugged in on the mountains without putting our technology at risk. We know that many snow-goers aren’t comfortable taking their phone on the slopes, knowing that their mobile device could suffer from water damage due to a tough fall or other debacle (we’ve had to use the iPhone-in-a-rice-bowl trick more than a few times). Here, we dig into this season’s hottest accessories to help ensure iPhone-safety on mountain.

Waterproof iPhone Case

Probably the biggest factor that holds people back from carrying their iPhone while skiing or snowboarding is the fear of damaging the device during a fall. If you’ve taken a tumble before, you probably found out the hard way that your everyday screen protector won’t prevent water from getting in your case. That’s why many hardcore snow-goers use a heavy duty waterproof case.

When it comes to durable iPhone cases, OtterBox is the Cadillac of protecting from disaster. The OtterBox Defender Series Case is a tried and true product that can be used on and off the slopes – its two piece polycarbonate + silicone shell protects your iPhone from substantial drops and shocks. However, OtterBox is upping its game this year with its soon-to-be-released Armor Series. Boasted as the “toughest case [they’ve] ever built,” the Armor Series is completely waterproof and crush proof. If you want guaranteed protection, we suggest holding out for this top-of-the-line case.

For those of you who just want protection from water without all the bulk (maybe for filming your buddy’s backside air while you’re cruising down the hill), SealLine’s E-Case provides fully submersible protection from water and other debris.

Helmet-Friendly Headphones

Whether you are listening to music on slopes or chatting with your buddy while you lug your gear, you’ll need to be completely hands-free. To do this, we highly recommend the Bose IE2 Audio Headphones, which provide superior sound quality and can be easily installed into a snow helmet. These headphones are also known for their “in-ear stability,” which means that they won’t go falling out when you hit a jump. Or a tree.

Touchscreen Liner Gloves

You want to check tomorrow’s snow forecast on your weather app, but you don’t want to take off your gloves when it is 15 degrees out. That’s why you need a pair of glove liners with touchscreen control fingers. For this, we recommend Burton’s Touchscreen Liner Gloves, which were made with special fingertip membranes that allow you to “manipulate your phone or music player with pinpoint accuracy.”

Another great product for this is the Aglove, which are made of an anti-microbial fabric that is 100% touchscreen friendly (aka you can use any part of the glove to manipulate your screen, not just the fingertips). In fact, they weave a silver thread into the fabric in order to make these gloves super warm and super conductive. They even have a special Sport version, which are made with extra warmth and sweat resistance.

Case in point: you don’t need to store your iPhone away when you go to the mountains. Get yourself some of these accessories with you so that you can listen to music and stay in contact on the slopes. We know you’re dying to text your friends lots of pictures of how good you look.