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3 Ways to Wear Boardshorts in Winter -
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3 Ways to Wear Boardshorts in Winter

Chicago WinterAs some of you may know, it gets cold out here in the Midwest.  Not all of us have the pleasure of kicking it in the California sun and basking in 80 degree weather in the heart of the winter. We’re certainly not chilling on the warm sand and drinking pineapple Mai Tai’s like those of you in Maui.  Some of us are staring down at least 2 more months of drab, cold, dismal winter.  Rad.  So how can we get use out of our boardshorts during this dreary winter lull?  Are your trunks are shoved to the back of the bottom drawer, hidden away behind your tank tops, waiting to be exhumed upon the first glimmer of respite from winter’s relentless grasp? Probably. But why wait ? Here, I’ll explore 3 ways to bust out those boardies and bring summer to you.


Take these shorts for a runAthletic shorts, Basketball shorts, Soccer shorts, Lacrosse shorts, whatever, seem to be the standard work out shorts for men.  Unless you’re a hard core runner or something similar, chances are you wear some sort of basketball or soccer style shorts for working out.  These are okay I guess, but I find boardshorts to be better.  Basketball shorts can be bulky, sweaty, and the polyester-y nylon-y fabric can get awfully stinky over time. And while not all boardies are immune to unique smells when worn often, many of them don’t share this particular odiferous trait.  Light weight, 4-Way Stretch boardshorts offer supreme comfort and functionality, not to mention that they offer a splash of color and uniqueness in a sea of sweaty blandness. Plus, you can swim in boardshorts!  Hit the gym, then hit the hot tub.  Boom!  Women usually opt for spandex or work out pants, but a pair of ladies boardies can be super functional and perfect for beach volleyball or yoga.

Go for a Swim!

Swim training 20Along with workout-related reasons for wearing trunks in the winter, swimming is a great low impact, full body workout.  If you don’t usually consider yourself to be the swimmer type, I highly recommend taking the proverbial plunge and trying a few laps to get comfortable.  It’s an amazing and often overlooked way to round out your health routine, and you’ll end up being sore where you didn’t even think you could be sore.  If you’re new to the sport, chances are you wont be wearing a Speedo right away, so take those boadshorts and hit the pool.  Find one near you!

Throw a Party!

Beach PartyWhat could be more fun than a beach themed party in the dead of winter?  I seriously don’t know. I’m not going to get into reasons to have a party, there are just too many.  But if you do, crank up the heat to 80 degrees, bust out the tank tops and boardshorts, mix up the summertime drinks with little umbrellas, and rock out like its summer.  Sure you can do other theme parties, but they often require lots of preparation and gathering of costume accouterments which can be tiresome and annoying.  All you need for a beach theme are some boardshorts, a Hawaiian shirt, and a desire to pretend its not 8 degrees outside.  Have fun, and hang loose, bro!

Now there are WAY more 3 reasons to wear trunks in the winter.  So tell us!  How do you do boarshorts in the Winter?  We’d love to hear all about it!