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Butterfly Beach

Magic in the air
Photo Provided by Damian Gadal

Butterfly Beach, Montecito, Santa Barbara, California

Butterfly Beach is a long, sandy stretch of shore that Santa Barbara locals love. It is quiet and clean, and perfect for walking and playing in the water. Dogs are allowed off leash here, which makes it a spacious playground. Rocks and greenery line the cliffs and border the railed walkways just above the beach. Bring sandwiches from any of the local eateries and enjoy the open scenery and warm sun. A west-facing beach, Butterfly is an optimal venue for watching the sunset.

Butterfly Beach Tips

  • Parking: There is parking along the street in front of the Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel. You can also park by the Santa Barbara waterfront and take the bike path to Butterfly Beach.
  • Butterfly Beach has no restroom facilities on the premises. Prepare in advance.
  • The offshore oil fields surrounding Santa Barbara cause tar to wash up on most Santa Barbara beaches. You will most likely leave the beach with tar stuck to the bottoms of your feet. Wearing inexpensive sandals or shoes that you don’t mind throwing away will help you avoid having to scrub. Cooking oil (like olive oil) is a great tool to help remove the tar from your feet and/or shoes.