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Diamond Dobby 4-Way Stretch

Year in and year out, the R&D gremlins at Quiksilver churn out new technology that can only be attributed to witchcraft and sorcery. Well, kind of. The transformation of the boardshort began with cheap fabric and velcro, seemingly designed to chafe and cause rashes, and has evolved into a genius concoction of stretchy and velvety materials. What has resulted is Quiksilver’s current line of boardshorts, with patented Diamond Dobby material that has been heralded as the best there is. But it’s easy to get lost behind the price tag of these shorts, that can sometimes cost upwards of $60. In our newest Diamond Dobby Stretch Fabric page in our Buyer’s Guide, we take a peek under the hood and see what the Diamond Dobby material brings to the table.

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