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Q&A: Is it cool to wear "boardshorts" with an elastic waist? - Boardshorts.com
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Q&A: Is it cool to wear “boardshorts” with an elastic waist?

As the holiday season comes to a close, we’re already starting our summer countdown. In order to help us get ready, we reached out to our favorite Californian-turned-Midwesterner, Danny Robertson, to help us answer common questions on how best to wear your boardshorts, and how NOT to wear them. Stay tuned in the coming weeks, where Danny will be answering lots of questions about how to stand out (in a good way!) on the beach.

Question: Is it cool to wear “boardshorts” with an elastic waist?

Answer: Sadly, no.

Ugh, it hurts to say this, but elastic waist shorts are a dead giveaway that you’re way new to the beach scene. If you’re trying to look the part of being hip to things in and around the water, I assure you those elastic shorts are NOT helping your cause.  Those elastic floral print shorts with a mesh tightie whities that you got at Ross have Got. To. Go.  If you’re older than 11 and younger than 57, there is a pair of fitted non-elastic boardshorts out there for you. For those of you looking to break the elastic cycle, we recommend trying a pair of 4-way stretch boardshorts that have all the comfort of a stretchy elastic waist without the stigma that goes along with them.

What can you do? Try on shorts to find the right size for you.

Alright, so this is a web store, but we highly recommend visiting your nearest surf/skate/snow shop (or even department store) to get an idea of sizes and styles of boardshorts work best for you.  Most boardies have standard one inch increment sizes, so matching the size to what you normally wear is usually a no-brainer. Fit can vary between brands and styles, so we recommend trying out a variety, especially if this is your first venture from your elastic comfort zone. Better yet, sometimes very attractive people work at these stores and they’re usually super stoked to help you find the right fit. If you find a great pair of shorts that day, then you’re all set! But if you don’t like the styles/colors/prices, then you can always come here and shop around for your favorite pair. Also, be sure to check out the “Fit Tips” section of our product description for our custom insight on how shorts measure up.

In the comments, feel free to challenge me. Do you disagree? Are Hawaiian boardshorts still cool? If so, are puka shell necklaces cool too? Let’s hear it.

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