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Q&A: Is it cool to wear “boardshorts” with an elastic waist?

As the holiday season comes to a close, we’re already starting our summer countdown. In order to help us get ready, we reached out to our favorite Californian-turned-Midwesterner, Danny Robertson, to help us answer common questions on how best to wear your boardshorts, and how NOT to wear them. Stay tuned in the coming weeks, where Danny will be answering lots of questions about how to stand out (in a good way!) on the beach.

Question: Is it cool to wear “boardshorts” with an elastic waist?

Answer: Sadly, no.

Ugh, it hurts to say this, but elastic waist shorts are a dead giveaway that you’re way new to the beach scene. If you’re trying to look the part of being hip to things in and around the water, I assure you those elastic shorts are NOT helping your cause.  Those elastic floral print shorts with a mesh tightie whities that you got at Ross have Got. To. Go.  If you’re older than 11 and younger than 57, there is a pair of fitted non-elastic boardshorts out there for you. For those of you looking to break the elastic cycle, we recommend trying a pair of 4-way stretch boardshorts that have all the comfort of a stretchy elastic waist without the stigma that goes along with them.

What can you do? Try on shorts to find the right size for you.

Alright, so this is a web store, but we highly recommend visiting your nearest surf/skate/snow shop (or even department store) to get an idea of sizes and styles of boardshorts work best for you.  Most boardies have standard one inch increment sizes, so matching the size to what you normally wear is usually a no-brainer. Fit can vary between brands and styles, so we recommend trying out a variety, especially if this is your first venture from your elastic comfort zone. Better yet, sometimes very attractive people work at these stores and they’re usually super stoked to help you find the right fit. If you find a great pair of shorts that day, then you’re all set! But if you don’t like the styles/colors/prices, then you can always come here and shop around for your favorite pair. Also, be sure to check out the “Fit Tips” section of our product description for our custom insight on how shorts measure up.

In the comments, feel free to challenge me. Do you disagree? Are Hawaiian boardshorts still cool? If so, are puka shell necklaces cool too? Let’s hear it.

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It’s Santa’s Tubular Tuesday!

santa sale post pictureFor those of you who still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping: we feel you. Between holiday parties, white elephant pranking, and Santacon revelry, we just haven’t been able to find enough time.

For those of you in our boat, we have good news. Santa stopped by our offices this week and convinced us to offer our customers 30% off so that everybody can get their board essentials just in time to get them under the tree. Just enter SANTA30 at checkout and we’ll send some reindeer your way as fast as they can fly!

A huge Happy Holidays from the team. Thanks for making our year so great!


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Updated Shipping Policy: FREE

As we head into the holiday season, the team is filled with cheer. In the spirit of giving, we’ve decided to do away with charging our customers for shipping. From this point forward, our little elves will work diligently to ship your order to arrive in the same 2-3 day time frame, with zero cost to you.

For more information on our shipping policy, visit

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The 3 Best iPhone Accessories for Skiing and Snowboarding

bose headphones, otterbox case, burton touchscreen gloves

Whether we’re in the jumping in the water or carving on the slopes, we’re always concerned with the safety of the technology in our pockets. Yes, we’re talking about our precious iPhones. So as we head into snow season, we’re shopping for protective gear so we can stay plugged in on the mountains without putting our technology at risk. We know that many snow-goers aren’t comfortable taking their phone on the slopes, knowing that their mobile device could suffer from water damage due to a tough fall or other debacle (we’ve had to use the iPhone-in-a-rice-bowl trick more than a few times). Here, we dig into this season’s hottest accessories to help ensure iPhone-safety on mountain.

Waterproof iPhone Case

Probably the biggest factor that holds people back from carrying their iPhone while skiing or snowboarding is the fear of damaging the device during a fall. If you’ve taken a tumble before, you probably found out the hard way that your everyday screen protector won’t prevent water from getting in your case. That’s why many hardcore snow-goers use a heavy duty waterproof case.

When it comes to durable iPhone cases, OtterBox is the Cadillac of protecting from disaster. The OtterBox Defender Series Case is a tried and true product that can be used on and off the slopes – its two piece polycarbonate + silicone shell protects your iPhone from substantial drops and shocks. However, OtterBox is upping its game this year with its soon-to-be-released Armor Series. Boasted as the “toughest case [they’ve] ever built,” the Armor Series is completely waterproof and crush proof. If you want guaranteed protection, we suggest holding out for this top-of-the-line case.

For those of you who just want protection from water without all the bulk (maybe for filming your buddy’s backside air while you’re cruising down the hill), SealLine’s E-Case provides fully submersible protection from water and other debris.

Helmet-Friendly Headphones

Whether you are listening to music on slopes or chatting with your buddy while you lug your gear, you’ll need to be completely hands-free. To do this, we highly recommend the Bose IE2 Audio Headphones, which provide superior sound quality and can be easily installed into a snow helmet. These headphones are also known for their “in-ear stability,” which means that they won’t go falling out when you hit a jump. Or a tree.

Touchscreen Liner Gloves

You want to check tomorrow’s snow forecast on your weather app, but you don’t want to take off your gloves when it is 15 degrees out. That’s why you need a pair of glove liners with touchscreen control fingers. For this, we recommend Burton’s Touchscreen Liner Gloves, which were made with special fingertip membranes that allow you to “manipulate your phone or music player with pinpoint accuracy.”

Another great product for this is the Aglove, which are made of an anti-microbial fabric that is 100% touchscreen friendly (aka you can use any part of the glove to manipulate your screen, not just the fingertips). In fact, they weave a silver thread into the fabric in order to make these gloves super warm and super conductive. They even have a special Sport version, which are made with extra warmth and sweat resistance.

Case in point: you don’t need to store your iPhone away when you go to the mountains. Get yourself some of these accessories with you so that you can listen to music and stay in contact on the slopes. We know you’re dying to text your friends lots of pictures of how good you look.


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The Best GoPro Video You’ll Watch Today

Badass adventure camera company GoPro has just released a video shot with their new Hero3 camera (which is 30% smaller, 25% lighter and 2x faster than their previous version). They’ve compiled some epic daredevil footage of snowboarding, ski base jumping, surfing, diving, kayaking, motocross and even swimming with whales.

The video showcases the Hero3’s new aerial footage feature as well as the normal first person view, all set to one of our favorite songs right now – Daybreak by Overwork. And the stunts aren’t the only impressive part of the video, the locations of these videos are insane. With footage from Tonga, French Polynesia, New Zealand (Aratiatia!) and other warm climates, this video makes us want to get out of the office right about now.

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Motocrosser Ken Roczen Loves Hybrid Boardshorts

Motocross pro rider Ken Roczen shows the flexibility of Hybrid Shorts in this new video from Fox. Hybrids have become a go-to short for anyone that wants to live an active life without all the hassle of gear-swapping. The video follows Ken throughout his day, going “from the dirt to the water to the street and back again,” all in the same pair of Fox’s Hydrofoil hybrid boardshorts.

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Lipsmack, Wakeboarding Film by Slingshot

We were so pumped when we caught this glimpse of Mike Ennen from Slingshot Wake’s new film Lipsmack. We like to think that we do pretty aight on the wake, but Ennen reminds us that we could be going way harder. You can catch the feature film on iTunes here.

iTunes Plot Summary for Lipsmack:

Lipsmack, the new feature film presented by Slingshot Wake and Patrick Wieland is a reminder that above all, wakeboarding is supposed to be creative and fun. Riders Jeff McKee, Oli Derome, Shredtown, Mike Ennen, Jeff House, Steffen Vollert, Nate Perry, Dylan Miller, Brian Reeder and friends show you how it’s done. We hope that by seeing this, it will encourage you to get out there and ride as much as possible. Enjoy it!

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4 Way Stretch Boardshorts

We’re not sure about you, but we’ve been hearing a lot about stretch lately. Every major brand of boardshort hawks some sort of techie stretch goodness, so we took it upon ourselves to dig into the details to help you figure out what stretch is, if you need it, and how much you need. See the new 4-Way Stretch Material page in our Buyer’s Guide for our expert’s breakdown. Personally, we think that stretch is pretty cozy, what do you think?

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Diamond Dobby 4-Way Stretch

Year in and year out, the R&D gremlins at Quiksilver churn out new technology that can only be attributed to witchcraft and sorcery. Well, kind of. The transformation of the boardshort began with cheap fabric and velcro, seemingly designed to chafe and cause rashes, and has evolved into a genius concoction of stretchy and velvety materials. What has resulted is Quiksilver’s current line of boardshorts, with patented Diamond Dobby material that has been heralded as the best there is. But it’s easy to get lost behind the price tag of these shorts, that can sometimes cost upwards of $60. In our newest Diamond Dobby Stretch Fabric page in our Buyer’s Guide, we take a peek under the hood and see what the Diamond Dobby material brings to the table.

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O’Neill 60 Years of Innovation Video

From the first wetsuit to this year’s hottest trends, O’Neill has always been on the forefront of surf innovation. This video chronicles O’Neill’s evolution throughout the years and the visionaries who helped them get to where they are today.

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