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Q&A: What types of boardshorts make me look cool? -
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Q&A: What types of boardshorts make me look cool?

Our latest installment in our Q&A series, where our favorite Californian-turned-Midwesterner, Danny Robertson, helps us answer common questions on how best to wear your boardshorts, and how NOT to wear them. See his last Q&A here or check out his Mavericks Invitational recap here.

Question: What types of boardshorts make me look cool?


Answer: If you want to blend in, skip loud tropical floral prints and choose stripes or solids instead

Unless you are an irony-chasing hipster, we suggest throwing out those two-tone tropical style hibiscus floral print shorts. You know the ones, big white tropical flower print blasted all over the place. This print was super cool in the 90’s, just like puka shell necklaces, but nowadays not so much.  Trust us.  If you want to be stylish on the beach, ditch the flowers and step into something fresh.

Stripes are in these days and it’s a style that has lasted through the ages. You cant go wrong with these gems by Quicksilver, or a more plain stripe look like these Rusty Kombi shorts. If you’re not into the whole stripe thing, I suggest trying a pair of plain solid boardies. O’Neill makes a pretty solid standard short here. I know it might be hard, but it’s time to toss that old floral print and get into some new trunks that bring you back to the future.

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