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Diamond Dobby 4 Way Stretch - Quiksilver Boardshorts Stretch Fabric
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Diamond Dobby Stretch Fabric

When they first came out, stretchy fabrics were the pinnacle of boardshort design. But Quiksilver’s Diamond Dobby 4-Way Stretch fabric redefined comfort and set a new benchmark in boardshort tech. A favorite of pro surfers and leisure swimmers alike, the Diamond Dobby pattern on the inside of the short has a raised diamond pattern, resulting in 30% less contact with the skin. This means when you’re in the water, you’ll encounter less dreaded rashes.

In the past year, Quiksilver debuted a new and improved Diamond Dobby material made entirely from plastic bottles. To make these shorts, plastic is melted down and transformed into polyester yarn, which is magically woven together to produce Quiksilver’s Recycled 4Way Stretch Diamond Dobby.

We’ll leave you with this video, where surfing greats like Kelly Slater and Dane Reynolds give props to this futuristic material in their own words: