• 1 Base for weight gain
  • 2 Main basic exercises
  • 3 Tips for beginners


The athletic body begins with basic exercises Steroids for Sale Online. These workouts help build muscle mass and creating a base, which is then ground to get a muscle skeleton, like the best bodybuilders.

AT In this article you will find a ton of tips and useful information about basic exercises in gym for muscle building.

Base for weight gain

maximum weight is used during basic exercises

maximum weight is used during basic exercises

To start the growth of muscle tissue, their complex load. For this, basic exercises are also called multi-joint exercises, since two joints and more. They are aimed at voltage is not one muscle, and whole group. Training sessions are held with big weights.

Although For beginners, it is recommended to start with only the basic complex, The approach should be individual Buy Real Steroids Online. Anthropometric characteristics, traumas, violations in the structure of the skeleton.

Basic exercise action:

  1. Muscle mass grows and fat is burned.
  2. Increases appetite, which is useful for ectomorphs. - people with lean physique and thin bones.
  3. Muscle symmetry improves.
  4. The connection between the muscles and the brain.

AT scientific experiment with forty men found that muscle gain comes more from hormones in particular testosterone as well not from physical effort. During physical exertion, a hormonal release occurs Steroids Australia Online. The more muscle is loaded per times, the more hormones are produced. The effect is enhanced by inclusion account in respiratory and central nervous system.

Share of back muscles and legs reaches 80% in the total mass. therefore those who want to pump up the body pay attention to first of all, on these groups Buy Steroids Online in Australia. Developing them, the athlete develops and other muscles.

The main basic exercises

Here is a list of the basic basic exercises that a beginner needs to create a muscle foundation. After a year, the body relief can be improved by isolated exercises - those that work out one muscle group.

From the video you will learn how to correctly perform the bench press, squats and deadlift, as well as how to get the maximum result from them:


Classic deadlift


never do deadlifts without an athletic belt

This exercise develops the muscles of the body better than others, because it involves most muscle work:

  • the main - quadriceps femoral, gluteus maximus, extensors of the back;
  • additional - femoral biceps, semi-membranous, trapezoid, semi-tendonous.

Deadlift is performed in 3-4 sets of 8-12 repetitions. Estimated starting weight for men - before 40 kg, for women - before 20 kg Your weight is calculated so that the athlete lifts it with straight back. If there is a curvature, roundness, then at future diseases of the spine.

For injuries or pain in back deadlift include in the program is not right away. The first two months are hyperextension. it same exercise in 3 approach performed before deadlift.



squats with a barbell will help to build extra pounds in biceps

This exercise is not popular only in bodybuilding but and at other sports, rehabilitation programs and when preparing an athlete for competition. AT combined with pullovers stretches the chest, increases the volume and ventilation of the lungs.

Working muscles:

  • the main - quadriceps, large buttocks, flatfish;
  • additionally - biceps of the thigh, calves, press, extensors.

If the technique is poorly mastered or not inventory is set, the exercise is traumatic, knees suffer and ridge.

When working with large weights use elastic bandages on knees and wrist joints, belt.

Squats can be performed with barbell on chest on back with dumbbells. As the center of gravity moves, then are changing and loaded muscle groups.

By Squats are distinguished in depth:

  • partial - performed with limited amplitude;
  • before parallels - when the thigh reaches parallel with floor surface, the most common;
  • deep - the thigh falls below the knee joint, the most traumatic.

Bench press



bench press

pause at the highest point and strain your chest muscles even more

This bench press is included top three best base. AT the following muscle groups are involved:

  • the main - big and small pectoral;
  • auxiliary - front deltas and dentate, coraco-humeral, triceps.

There are several options for bench press lying - classic, in touch in frame in Smith simulator, on incline bench.

By changing the width of the grip, the athlete shifts the emphasis to the right muscle group.

Carrying out a press, observe the following rules:

  • with heavy weight use only a closed grip;
  • barbell with racks must be served by an assistant;
  • not allow the deflection of the lower back up.

Pull-ups on tunic

pull-ups on the horizontal bar

the chin is raised during the exercise

Pull-ups make the body more relief, drier Buy Steroids Online in USA. Muscles work:

  • the main - the broadest backs, trapezoidal, biceps;
  • additionally - flexors, extensors of the forearm, middle body, deltoid.

AT depending on width and The following muscle groups are being developed for grip directions:

  • straight - dorsal, extensors of the forearm;
  • medium reverse - biceps, wide dorsal (preferable for beginners);
  • straight narrow - jagged, widest dorsal lower part, shoulders;
  • narrow reverse - biceps, latissimus muscles;
  • wide - the widest dorsal upper part, paired round, trapezoidal;
  • wide for the head - paired round, middle section of the widest, trapezoidal.

The last two options - only for experienced athletes.

Bench press

bench press

do not relax the muscles of the back and abs, otherwise there is a high risk of injury

This bench press is also called the army and attributed to the best for shoulder girdle triceps. It used to be included in program of the olympic games on weightlifting to test upper body strength. Main working muscles - deltoid, upper part breast, triceps.

WITH by changing the width of the grip the load moves:

  • narrow - front deltoid, clavicular part of the pectoral muscle, long triceps head;
  • wide - front and the middle part of the deltoid muscles, the upper part of the pectoral.

Army bench press is also performed with dumbbells.

Recommendations for beginners