People who work in the office, sit all day at their workplace. This can be a serious health hazard. A problem such as enslaved thigh muscles is now not uncommon.

If you are faced with this, then it is difficult for you to engage in sports or any other type of activity. If you do not have such symptoms, although you spend most of the day sitting, it is better to prevent this problem than to treat it later.

Follow some useful stretching exercises. They will not hurt!


Stretch one leg back into the twine, knee down leading steroids for sale. Bend the other leg at the knee and stretch forward. Hold in this position, the chest should be straightened. Then lay your hands on the floor in front of you and stretch forward. Change your position.

"Wide squats"

Get straight, then put your feet shoulder-width apart, but it’s better to be a little wider. Have a seat. Place your palms in front of you and press them to the floor. Go forward and then backward. Do not tear off your legs.

"Happy child"

Lie on your back. Then bend both knees and grab your feet (as in the photo) Order Steroids Online. Now simultaneously press your hands on the feet so that the knees fall to the floor. Hold on in this position for five seconds, then relax and repeat again.

"Wide legs"

Put your head and shoulders on the floor, put your straight arms under you, put your legs apart. Slowly lower your hips to the floor, as if you are sitting on a twine. The upper body can also be lowered a little Safe Steroid Store. Stay in that position for five breaths and then lower your legs again.
Intense stretching


Lunge one knee forward, and the other leg stretch back. Hands need to rest on the floor, pull the trunk up - perpendicular to the floor. Keep your hands straight. Hold the pose for five breaths, then repeat.

“Dove” (another variation of the exercise)

Straighten your legs in front of you on the floor. Bend one knee and lay it on the floor parallel to the pelvis. Then bend the other knee and place it on top of the other leg so that you get a small triangle.

Put your hands in front of you and stretch forward until the rib cage touches your legs. Hold on in this position for five breaths Anabolic Steroids Australia. Then repeat.

Head to Knee

Sit on the floor and place your legs in front of you. Then bend one leg at the knee and lay it under the inner side of the thigh of the other leg. Sit straight and then slowly lean forward, keep your hands locked. Remain in this position for five breaths, and then change your leg.


Sit on the floor. Bend your knees and open them to the sides. Connect the feet with the soles inward and fix them with your hands. While inhaling, pull your knees to the floor, while exhaling, relax your legs. Perform the exercise for 30 seconds.

Then slowly bend forward, stretching your chest to your legs. Slightly strain the abdominal muscles Buy Anabolics in USA. Lean with a flat back, keep your lower back straight.

The problem of enslaved thigh muscles can occur in everyone who leads a sedentary lifestyle. Simple exercises will help you not only solve such a problem, but also prevent it. Good luck to you!