The fact that exercise causes a hormonal response has been known for a long time. However, not all exercises cause the same hormonal response. 

Those who loved anatomy at school know that our entire body has neuro-humoral regulation. That is, the amount of hormones in the blood depends on the level of excitation of the nervous system. 

Understanding this, many young athletes are too emotional about training, so they are injured or miss training because of overtraining Bodybuilding Steroids for Sale. However, as my observations have shown, emotional athletes, despite frequent injuries and omissions, are more successful in muscle growth than sluggish natures, attentive to details. 

The level of nervous system excitement in training is an important factor in muscle growth Steroids for Sale Online in USA. Only someone who has excited their nerves quite strongly can count on optimal muscle growth.

There are more than six hundred muscles in our body and all of them are excited by nerves. The more muscles involved in the exercise, the more nerves you need to strain these muscles. 

Do not compare pull-ups with bending your arms, bench press with spreading your arms, and squats with leg extension are incomparable phenomena. Any basic exercise involves more muscle than isolating. But, as you understand, basic exercises involve not only a lot of muscles, but also a lot of nerves. 

Strong tension of a large number of nerves requires the release of a large number of hormones Legal Steroids for Sale. Remember the phrase neuro-humoral? Basic exercises require tension of a large number of muscles and a large number of nerves, which means they require a large release of hormones - a hormonal response. 

And my practice and the stories of other athletes say that barbell squats are the most hormonal exercise. As soon as the athlete begins to squat, then immediately in a few weeks adds a few pounds in weight. Judge for yourself. If a person cuts off his legs and puts them on the scales, then the scales will show a number equal to 40% of body weight Order Anabolic Steroids Online. In addition, not only the back, but also the neck strains during squats. Squats clearly involve more than half the muscles of the whole body. What should be the hormonal response ?!

Why mine methodology effective? Because she is simple. I do not spend time on exercises involving a small amount of muscle with a weak hormonal response, so I only do three exercises that cover the whole body. 

Of course, you can cover the body with ten exercises for small muscle groups, but each of these exercises will not have wide nervous excitement and, in general, the hormonal response will be less. 

The hormonal response is created by the tonnage of training and intensity - the average weight of the load. Muscles will grow better if you lift heavier rods and more times. For example, ten sets with a bench press of ten repetitions with a weight of one hundred kilograms will give ten tons of volume and one hundred kilograms of training intensity Anabolic Steroids Online in UK. Is it possible to achieve such tonnage and intensity by bending arms for biceps with a weight of forty kilograms?

A simple tip: achieve a hormonal response with basic exercises, heavy weights and nervous tension. Of course, against a background of good tonnage.