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  • one What are basic exercises?
  • 2 rules training in the gym
  • 3 Basic muscle exercises
  • four Back exercises

o    4.1 Deadlift

o    4.2 Inclined rod pull

  • five Pectoral Exercise

o    5.1 Push ups

o    5.2 Wide Grip Bench Press

o    6.1 Tight grip pull-ups

  • 7 Triceps exercises

o    7.1 Back push ups

o    7.2 French bench press

  • eight Shoulder exercises

o    8.1 Army bench press

o    8.2 Side Dumbbell Breeding

  • 9 On the abdominal muscles

o    9.1 Strap

o    9.2 Side twisting

  • ten On the muscles of the legs

o    10.1 Leg press

o    10.2 Squats

  • eleven Training program for beginners in the gym for a week

o    11.1 Day 1:

o    11.2 Day 2:

o    11.3 Day 3:

  • 12 Tips

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It is very difficult for beginners in the gym to decide on the choice of exercises to perform, especially if they are engaged without a trainer. Most often, novice athletes focus on cardio and isolating exercises for each muscle group, forgetting about a more effective method - performing basic exercises.

And in vain, because it is the base that helps us create the perfect figure with a small percentage of fat and a large number of relief muscles.

What are basic exercises?

Basic exercises are those exercises that involve several muscle groups in the work. They have many advantages, among which we can highlight:

basic exercises

  Metabolic acceleration;

  Increased strength and stamina of the body;

  Uniform work on the whole body;

  The ability to pump beautiful and large muscles;

  Starting the fat burning process.

Due to its complexity and the large amount of energy expended, basic exercises help both build muscle and burn fat, depending on the amount of food you consume. That is why everyone should include them in their training.

rules training in the gym

Gym Class Rules

one.     Your training must begin with a warm-up! Perform light exercises with your own weight on all muscle groups or walk on a treadmill at an average speed of 10 minutes. This will help you warm up your muscles and avoid the risk of injury, as well as prepare your body for more intensive work.

2.     After doing the warm-up, you need to start basic exercises. It is best if you do 2-3 basic exercises and 2-3 isolating for 1 workout. No need to do more.

3.     Try to focus on the quality of the exercises performed, rather than their quantity. It is very important to monitor the correctness of the technique so as not to injure the joints and ligaments.

four.     Finishing the lesson is best with a hitch and a little stretch. This method will help you smoothly get your muscles out of work and minimize pain the next day.

Basic muscle exercises

The choice of exercises should be approached correctly, the main thing is to decide which muscle group you will work with today. Based on this, it is worthwhile to select a base and build a training plan.

Back exercises



One of the best basic exercises, which perfectly works out the back muscles, buttocks, hip biceps, strengthens the lower back and uses the arms. It allows you to proportionally develop all muscle groups.

To do the stand, stand straight, grab a fingerboard with pancakes, legs are narrowly set, back is absolutely straight, knees are bent quite a bit. Slowly lean forward, while the bar slides along your legs, the deflection in the lumbar region is observed. Having reached the lowest point, linger on it for a couple of counts and rise again.

An easier version of the deadlift is to perform exercises with dumbbells. His technique is similar to the previous version, but instead of a barbell in the hands of a dumbbell.

Inclined rod pull

Inclined rod pull

The draft in the slope helps to build beautiful and harmonious muscles of the shoulders and back. To perform the pull, bend your knees at an angle of about 10 degrees and put your feet shoulder-width apart, grab the bar on arms extended down and bend at an angle of about 30 degrees, while your gaze looks forward. As you inhale, pull the bar straight to your stomach; as you exhale, lower it again to your outstretched arms.

Carefully watch to pull the bar only with the broadest muscle of the back, and not with your hands. Your elbows must be strictly fixed, you can not stoop your back in any case.

Pectoral Exercise

Push ups


It is possible to do push-ups with equal efficiency both in the hall and at home Steroids UK Shop. So if for some reason you are temporarily unable to go to the gym, then push-ups will compensate you for a full chest workout.

Lie on a gymnastic mat, put your hands with a wide grip and bend them at the elbows. The weight of the body is held on the feet and bent arms, the back, head and legs are in one straight line. Climb up, straightening your arms and at the same time, leaving your back straight, then lower to the starting position.

Girls can choose for themselves a lighter type of push-ups - push-ups from the knees.

Wide Grip Bench Press

Wide Grip Bench Press

Exercise for the full and harmonious development of the latissimus dorsi, chest, shoulders and biceps. Lie on a horizontal bench with your feet firmly pressed to the floor.

With a wide grip, grab the barbell and slowly remove it from the support with outstretched arms. Then slowly lower the bar parallel to the chest, while your elbows should move along a well-defined path. As you exhale, squeeze the weight back and hold it for a few seconds at the highest point.

The advantage of this exercise is that you can vary the effect on the top or bottom of the chest. For greater work of the top of the pectoral muscle, take a bench with a slight slope, and an ordinary bench will use the entire chest.

Biceps exercises

Tight grip pull-ups

Tight grip pull-ups

When pulling up, several muscle groups are involved in the work at once: all the muscles of the back and biceps. To perform, grasp the bar with a direct grip, hands are 3-4 cm apart.

Pull yourself up with your arms and back, bending your elbows until your head is on top of the bar Steroids Australia Online. Then also go down.

Exercise can be greatly facilitated if you perform it in a gravitron, where you can put a small counterweight.

Triceps exercises

Back push ups

Back push ups

Stand with your back to the bench, rest against it with the palms of your straight arms, while your legs rest on the floor, and the rest of the body is suspended in the air. Bend your arms at the elbow and lower your hips down, then begin to return to your starting position. Reverse push-ups affect not only the triceps, but also the upper chest muscles.

French bench press

French bench press

Lie on a horizontal bench, feet rest on the floor, and buttocks and shoulder blades are pressed to the surface. The barbell is at the top with outstretched arms above chest level. Then, as you inhale, lower the projectile behind your head, bending your elbows. You should feel how your triceps work and stretch.

Shoulder exercises

Army bench press

Army bench press

Sit on a horizontal bench, your back is straight, feet rest against the surface of the floor. Take dumbbells in both hands, bend the elbow joint and raise the dumbbells to shoulder level. Now, as you exhale, squeeze the dumbbells up to the stop, then return to the starting position. Pay attention to the following points:

one.     The back is perfectly straight all the time;

2.     Elbows move along a strictly defined path;

3.     At the highest point, dumbbells are very close.

Side Dumbbell Breeding

Side Dumbbell Breeding

Stand straight, feet together, take dumbbells in both hands with the necessary weight for you. As you exhale, bend your elbows slightly, and then spread your arms to the sides until they become parallel to the floor. Hold at the highest point and just as slowly lower the projectile down Top Legal Steroids. Keep track of the position of the lumbar and back; it should remain straight at all times!

On the abdominal muscles



One of the most remarkable exercises, which harmoniously works out the muscles of the abs, back, and back of the thigh. Lie on a gymnastic mat, bend your arms at the elbow joint Steroid Shop №1 in Australia. Transfer body weight with bent arms and feet, back, head and legs make a straight line.

Stay in this position for 30 seconds or longer.

Other options for the exercise: a bar on one arm, a bar with a change of hands, a bar with one leg raised.

Side twisting

Side twisting

Lie on a horizontal rug, legs bent at the knees, hands behind your head. Connect the right elbow to the left knee, while doing twisting, then vice versa. Perform the exercise at a fast pace to get a good feel for the work of all the abs muscles.

On the muscles of the legs

Leg press

Leg press

An excellent basic exercise that will help to work out evenly all the muscles of the bottom. Sit in a bench press simulator, your back and head are pressed to the support, legs are bent at the knees, feet are standing on the platform. As you exhale, squeeze the platform all the way, then bend your knees again and lower the platform.

If you want to focus on the gluteal muscles, then put your feet on the upper edge of the platform, and if on the quadriceps - then on the lower edge.


barbell squats

One of the best basic exercises that evenly involves the muscles of the back, buttocks, legs and abs. Place your feet approximately shoulder-width apart with your toes outward, with your back perfectly straight. Take the bar with pancakes and put it on your shoulders, holding it with your hands, sit down, and then stand up again.

During the squat, your knees should not go beyond your socks, your back remains straight all the time. Also look to squat down parallel to the floor or just below.

Training program for beginners in the gym for a week

At the beginning of each workout, you need to do a warm-up, and at the end - a stretch or hitch. The program is designed for a beginner who trains 3 times a week. On each day of training, we will work out the entire body in order to achieve harmonious muscle development.

Day 1:

  Squats with a bar 4 * 12;

  deadlift 4 * 12;

  pull-ups with a wide grip 4 * 15;

  reverse push-ups 4 * 15;

  thrust of the upper block 4 * 15;

  lifting legs in the hang 4 * 20;

  twisting 4 * 20.

Day 2:

  Bench press lying wide grip 4 * 12;

  breeding dumbbells in the direction of 4 * 20;

  lunges forward 4 * 20 on each leg;

  leg press 4 * 15;

  bar 1 minute;

  side twists 4 * 25.

Day 3:

  Hyperextension 4 * 15;

  squats 4 * 12;

  push-ups 4 * 15;

  French bench press 4 * 15;

  rod draft in an inclination of 4 * 12;

  twisting 4 * 20;

  bar 1 minute.


one.     Beginners are recommended to train 3-4 times a week, working out all muscle groups in one workout.

2.     Do not chase large weights, first you need to learn how to do exercises with the right technique.

3.     Perform 2-3 basic and 2-3 isolation exercises per workout.

four.     Pick up the weight of the projectile so that the last 2-3 repetitions in the approach are difficult for you.

And of course, do not forget about a wholesome and healthy diet. Include meat, fish, poultry, greens, vegetables and fruits, cereals, dairy products in your daily menu. After all, a beautiful body is built not only in the gym, but also in the kitchen!