Beauty standards change every decade, but at all times, athletically built people have been particularly admired Buy Steroids Online for Bodybuilding. And our time is no exception - both men and women strive for a beautiful, harmonious and embossed body. But what if nature did not reward the desired figure? The main thing is to burn with desire.

First of all, it is important to remember that the first step towards the dream body is regular exercise and giving up bad habits. You can start practicing at home, having a minimal set of sports equipment Steroids store in UK. However, to achieve the desired result, it is better to go to the gym, where experienced instructors will help you master the correct technique for performing exercises, which will reduce the risk of possible injuries.

The second important point is nutrition. For successful muscle gain, complex carbohydrates and animal proteins must prevail in the diet. In this case, the food should be high-calorie, and, of course, healthy. The recommended calorie intake in this case should be about 2600 kcal.

Another point that combines the previous two points is the training program Buy Anabolics in USA. Properly composed, it, in conjunction with nutrition, good rest and proper exercise, will allow you to "build" the muscles in a short time, which will become the basis for the future relief. To do this, we offer to use the service home fitness food delivery Moscow.

Features of basic exercises

Features of basic exercises

There are two main types of exercises for muscle building - isolating and multi-joint, however, at the initial stage, the main emphasis is on the latter. Why perhaps you ask?

And because the feature of isolating exercises is the involvement in the work of only one specific muscle, with minimal involvement of the rest. This is good for giving relief to already existing muscle mass, but it will not help much in its creation.

Multi-joint, or basic exercises immediately include large muscle groups, which allows you to work out the entire muscle corset, increase endurance and strength.

Good power loads create a stressful situation for the body, due to which it - the body, is being intensively rebuilt, preparing for their repetition Genuine steroids. Therefore, it is very important to gradually, but constantly increase the weight of your equipment to gain muscle mass.

Distinctive features of basic exercises:

  • The use of heavy weight in exercises, which guarantees muscle growth.
  • The concentration and release of hormones - testosterone and somatropin, which help the growth of muscle fibers, as well as adrenaline, which is responsible for endurance.
  • The level of hormones of happiness increases due to physical activity.

The main exercises in mass gain

The main exercises in mass gain

In all the variety of exercises, the three are considered the most effective and complex:

  • Bench press.
  • Deadlift.
  • Squats.

These exercises are suitable for both men and women, and variations in performance will allow you to choose the most effective training method.

Bench press

Effectively develops all pectoral muscles, as well as deltas and triceps. To perform this exercise, you need a special sports bench and barbell. Beginners can perform the exercise using only the neck, more advanced athletes weight it with pancakes in accordance with their training. You can also vary the load on various bundles of the pectoral muscle by changing the angle of the bench.

A simplified version of this exercise can be considered a breeding of hands with dumbbells, with them you can perform a bench press.


It works on the largest array of muscles - back and chest muscles, deltas and biceps, flexors and extensors, gluteus muscles, as well as biceps and quadriceps muscles of the hips. Exercise is performed with a barbell, beginners can only use the bar or dumbbells.

There are several types of deadlift:

  • In the classic version, the legs are placed at shoulder level with a slight bend in the knees.
  • If you put your legs wide in the classic version, you get a sumo pull.
  • Romanian, or, as it is also called, dead traction is performed on straight legs.

It is very important to monitor the correct grip of the bar, otherwise injuries cannot be avoided, especially when increasing the lifting weight.


An excellent exercise for working out all the muscles of the legs - buttocks, calves and femurs. It is especially popular among women, but men should not forget about or underestimate it.

Exercise can be performed with different legs, these can be both classic squats and a variety of lunges, depending on the desired result.

When playing sports, regardless of the result you want to get, it is very important not to forget about the correct technique for performing exercises Steroids Online with Great Discounts!. Alternating basic exercises with isolated ones will help to achieve the desired effect faster, and rest days will help recover after training.

And remember that the main muscle growth does not occur in the gym, but after visiting it, so proper and timely nutrition and healthy sleep are your main assistants on the way to the dream figure.