Army bench press
The army bench is also known as the bench press; this exercise is recognized as the best for training the deltoid muscles. There are various options for the army bench press, it can be performed with dumbbells and with a barbell, both standing and sitting Buy steroids in USA online shop. Army bench presses use the bulk of the deltoid muscles, especially the middle bundle.

gt; Sitting dumbbell bench press
gt; chin rod pull
gt; Arnold bench press

The above exercises are approximately equivalent in effectiveness, each differently shifts the emphasis on the deltoid muscles, so try to change them from time to time in order to prevent the development of adaptation Characteristics of training techniques in bodybuilding. All basic exercises affect three beams, but the medial beam receives the main load, it is he who plays a decisive role in the formation of broad shoulders, along the front and rear beams.

Isolating exercises
Here are some of the most effective isolating exercises for the front and back heads Buy Steroids Online in UK. I would like to draw attention to the fact that almost all basic and most isolating exercises use a medial beam, so for its training you do not need special techniques, basic enough Steroids for Dogs and Cats in California. Also popular are articles where exercises for training are given. "side part" or "lateral head" the delta is false information, firstly, because the lateral head does not exist at all, and secondly, with any exercise, the muscle is involved throughout and the upper and lateral parts.

Front and rear head

If your back or front beam is behind, then these exercises will allow you to maximize its use.


gt; Lifting dumbbells and barbells in front of you
gt; Side Dumbbell Slope
gt; Reverse dilutions in the Peck-Deck simulator

There are still a large number of exercises for training shoulders, but they are considered less effective or duplicate (for example, many exercises can be performed on block devices, but working with free weights is considered more productive), so we will not give them in this article, so as not to cause difficulty in choosing the reader Steroids for Sale Online in UK. The above list fully meets the needs of a beginner and a professional.