Special exercises will help develop memory, imagination and creative thinking Buy steroids in USA at online. An elementary household activity can be turned into a useful exercise. For example, during regular gatherings on the street, you can invite the baby to list things for a walk in advance in the order in which he will wear them.


More creative assignment: come up with a few words, invite the child to remember them and make a story with them Buy anabolic steroids in Australia. In this case, the original sequence of words cannot be broken. This technique will help develop the imagination of the baby.

Develop visual memory will help game with cards. For the game you can use cards with images of houses, animals, birds Safe Steroid Store. Ask the child to compose a story for every 10 cards.

Exercises eidetics will help you learn numbers. Exercise is also built on the basis of associations and images that cause numbers UK Steroids for Bodybuilding. The child must mentally connect the figure with the image, think about what it looks like, what sound it can make, what color it symbolizes.



To remember poems and foreign words, eidetika advises remembering the visual component of the verse. Each verse can be turned into a short film or cartoon, where each action will be associated with a specific word. The main thing to remember is the sequence of words.

Game of association Is another good way to develop memory. an adult names a word - a child names a word or phrase with which it is associated.

At the very first stage of acquaintance with the outside world, children learn not letters, but figures Steroids Direct Australia. Volumetric cubes and various geometric figures will be remembered faster and more fun during the game.



Eidetic exercises for children should be built on a playful form. With the correct organization of training, a similar method of memorization will be transferred by the child to the field of study. Through such associative-game memorization, he will be happy to do his homework, will strive to master new information.