Basic exercises with a barbell for gaining mass and increasing testosterone - why are these exercises so important and how to learn how to perform them technically correctly?


Basic barbell exercises

Basic barbell exercises

In bodybuilding, there are countless different strength exercises with a barbell, dumbbells and fitness equipment - however, only a few are basic, and all the rest are secondary. In order to train effectively and make muscles grow, First of all, it is necessary to study the technique of these very basic exercises.

The key difference between basic strength exercises is that they are multi-joint and load all the large muscle groups of the body at once - as opposed to isolating ones, working only on one muscle group (for example, biceps or abs) Buy Steroids with Credit Card. In addition, basic exercises are most often performed with a barbell.

Mass Exercise

Scientific studies show that the more different muscle groups are simultaneously involved in performing a specific strength exercise, the more actively this exercise affects the body's production of growth hormone, testosterone and other anabolic hormones needed by the body for muscle growth and weight gain (1).

In other words, if you really want to gain muscle mass, you should approach the training of your body in a comprehensive manner, and not just "pump your biceps" or "pump your chest." A beginner who has learned to perform basic exercises correctly is quite capable of increasing body weight by 5-7 kg in the first months basic training.

Multi joint exercises

Basic exercises for weight gain

When performing multi-joint basic exercises with heavy weight, the entire body of the athlete is subjected to stress. In addition to the muscles of the arms, body and legs, the respiratory and even the central nervous system are included in the work - this is what provides a significant hormonal response, leading, ultimately, to muscle growth.

It should be noted that most effective for muscle growth achieved with heavy strength training and performing a low number of repetitions of exercises - no more than 5-7 repetitions. This, in turn, requires not only the use of large working weights and perfect adherence to the correct technique, but also longer rest.

List of basic exercises

Basic exercises - these are five multi-joint exercises performed with the barbell: bench press, standing bench press, squats with the bar, tilt barbell and deadlift. It is these strength exercises that most actively affect the growth of muscle mass and increase the hormonal levels of the body of even a novice athlete.

However, most of the secondary exercises performed with dumbbells or on simulators are variations of the basic exercises. For example, sitting dumbbell bench press or shoulder press in the simulator - This is a modified bench press. Exactly like a bench press lying - this is, in fact, a variation of push-ups. The only exceptions are pull-ups.

1. Deadlift


Deadlift - basic exercise number one for the muscles of the body Buy Steroids Online in Australia. If you perform only it and refuse any others, you will still see the result in the form of a set of masses, since it is the deadlift that involves the maximum number of muscles in the work.

2. Squats

Frame Squats

Squats - A basic exercise for the development of leg muscles, starting from the gluteal muscles and quadriceps of the thigh and ending with the calves. With the right technique, the spine and abdominal muscles are also included in the work, forming a steel press.

3. Bench press

Bench press lying on a bench

Bench press lying on a bench - A key exercise for developing the muscles of the chest, triceps and the front of the deltoid muscles Bodybuilding Steroids for Sale. Depending on the angle of the bench and the width of the arms on the bar, various bundles of the pectoral muscle may be included in the work.

4. Rod pull to belt

Belt pull

Belt pull is a basic exercise for developing the muscles of the back and giving it visual width. When properly performed, deltas, pectoral muscles, forearms, and numerous muscles are also included in the work.

5. Standing barbell press

Bench press

Bench press (also called "army bench press") develops the shoulder girdle, deltoid muscles, arms, improves posture and strengthens the muscles of the abdominal press. It is this basic exercise that forms the classic sports figure with broad shoulders.

Benefits of Basic Exercises for Muscle Growth

The main advantage of basic exercises is simultaneous muscle growth and fat burning. The reason is that basic exercises require an increased consumption of nutrients from the body Safe Steroid Store. During strength training is actively used. glycogen, and after the training, recovery processes that burn fat are launched.

With regular training using basic exercises, the metabolism gradually increases, leading to an increase in appetite - which, again, is necessary for gaining muscle mass, because without additional calories, muscles simply will not grow. It plays a particularly important role. for naturally thin ectomorphs, having problems with weight gain.

Creating a sports physique

Technically correct performance of basic exercises has a positive effect on the symmetry of muscle development Top Legal Steroids. As a result of training according to the basic program, not only a pumped-up, but a powerful and athletic physique is formed. In addition, basic exercises have a positive effect. on the connection of the brain with muscles.

Most beginners can’t strain a certain muscle by force of will (not to mention consciously involving this muscle during training), which indicates a weak neuromuscular connection between the brain and muscles. Performing heavy basic exercises can improve this connection, increasing the effectiveness of the training.

Cons of basic exercises

The main disadvantage of basic exercises is that they really require perfect knowledge of the right technique. Performing these exercises with a lot of weight significantly increases the risk of injury even with the slightest mistakes - that is why it is best to learn the correct technique of these exercises with personal trainer.

In addition, many beginners tend to progress too quickly, unnecessarily increasing their working weight and conducting more frequent strength training than their body needs. Keep in mind that basic training must be performed. no more than once every 48-72 hours. Otherwise, the result will be chronic overtraining.


The most important for gaining muscle mass are multi-joint basic exercises that increase the level of testosterone and other hormones due to the complex effect on the body and central nervous system. Five of these exercises are allocated to the basic group - deadlift, squats, bench press, standing bench press and pull to the belt.