Pilates includes six principles: concentration, breathing, control, accuracy, fluency and the presence of a goal. This technique puts quality above quantity. Here you will not find a large number of approaches.

This system of classes can be of two types: Fitness Pilates and Pilates for rehabilitation Steroids for Dogs and Cats in California. The first type is aimed at increasing muscle tone, and is a very common type of exercise in fitness clubs. The second is aimed at teaching a person to manage his muscles, and also give an opportunity to understand how his body works. 

The advantage of the Pilates system

one.    Pilates - a set of exercises for the whole body. Moreover, balanced. He does not train any one part of the body, as it is aimed at developing endurance of the whole organism.


2.    Suitable for people with different levels of training.


3.    It develops strength and endurance without overstrain and excessive muscle pumping.


four.    Increases ductility. Studying in the Pilates system, you not only develop endurance, but also increase the elasticity of your muscles.


five.    Improves posture. This is due to the fact that the exercises are aimed at developing the strength and flexibility of the spine and the formation of the muscle corset around it.

6.    Makes you more energetic.


7.    Helps lose weight to form a beautiful body relief.


eight.    Creates a balance between mind and body.

If you want to improve your physical fitness, make your body more flexible, then Pilates will suit you. There are two forms of training on this system: on the mat and on the simulator. Since at home it is quite problematic to install such a simulator, then we will consider those exercises that can be done on the mat.

Basic Pilates exercises

This set of 5 exercises is designed to familiarize beginners with the Pilates system. You can use it to start your workout. Let's get started?

Exercise 1. Neutral position.Performed in order to find the optimal position for further exercises. Technique of execution:


  • As you exhale, press your lower back to the floor.



  • As you exhale, slightly lower your lower back so that an arch forms between the floor and back. As you inhale, linger in position.

Exercise 2. Nod. Perfectly stretches the neck and muscles of the upper back Steroids for Sale Online in UK. Starting position, as in exercise 1. Inhale and pull the chin to the chest so that you feel a stretch in the neck. As you exhale, return to the starting position. On inspiration, slightly bend your head back. As you exhale, return to the starting position.

Exercise 3. Hands behind the head.Well develops mobility of the shoulder joint. Starting position, as in exercise 1. Raise your straight arms so that your fingertips are facing the ceiling. The palms are looking at each other Buy Steroids Online in UK. As you exhale, lower your hands behind your head. Raise your hands as you inhale Steroids for Sale Online in USA. As you exhale, return to starting position. As you exercise, make sure that the abdominal muscles were tense.

Exercise 4. "Angel Wings." Increases mobility of the shoulder joint, strengthens the muscles of the hands. Starting position, as in exercise 1. On inhalation, raise your hands in front of you and lower your head, while exhaling, spread to the sides. As if flapping wings. Keep your abdominal muscles tense and your ribs in the same position. Shoulders should not be lifted by hands.

Exercise 5. “Clock”.To complete this exercise. Take a starting position. Imagine having a watch on your stomach. 12 is above the navel, 3 to the left of it, 6 to the bottom, and 9 to the right. Using the abdominal muscles, first move the hips to the number 3, then to 6, then to 9, and to 12. It turns out that you describe a small circle. You should not do a large amplitude exercise. Deviation from the center should be minimal.

Exercise 6. Lifting the knees.It is important to remember that when performing the exercise you can not violate a neutral position. It develops well the muscles that we use to walk, sit and lift. The technique is as follows: Take the starting position, as in exercise 1 Legal Steroids for Sale. Then, while inhaling, raise the knee using the abs muscles. As you exhale, put your foot back on the floor. Make sure your hips do not change their position. Use your abs all the time.

These are just the basic exercises of the Pilates system. In fact, there are more of them and they are aimed at developing endurance and certain muscle groups. Before you become familiar with more complex exercises, you must master these.