The exercises include exercises for three floors of the body: for the legs, for the abs and for the back, for the thoracic region Anabolic Steroids Online in UK. Introduces them to a person practicing kinesitherapy, helping to treat problems of the back and joints Igor Abramovich. Kinesis means literally "motion treatment".

Igor Abramovich says to himself that for 30 years he has been promoting and leading a healthy lifestyle and based on his own program "Health formula"Helps people build good habits.

Including habits in the field of physical education Buy Steroids at a low price in USA. The habit of doing morning exercise is very important. Igor Abramovich recommends 3 exercises that need to be performed in the morning during physical exercise.

The first exercise: "Squats". The starting position is standing, the back is straight, legs shoulder width apart in a position convenient for you. Squat while inhaling, stretching your arms forward, while exhaling we rise, lowering our hands Buy Steroids Online in USA. With squats, turn on diaphragmatic breathing with sound "Ha". We do 10 squats.

Second exercise: "Press" Anabolic Steroids for Sale. Starting position lying, hands along the body Order Steroids Online. We stretch our arms forward and take a sitting position. Legs are bent at the knees, feet are close. We return to the starting position. 10 times. it first option exercises.

it second option exercises.

it third option. Choose the one that is easier and more affordable for you, which brings pleasure.

The third exercise: "Flexion and extension of the arms in an emphasis lying".

To whom it is difficult to perform a full push-up, you can perform it from the knees.Typically, such difficulties arise in women.

You can do such push-ups: all the way from the bench, from the table, from the windowsill.