The meaning of the term "interval running" is in its name - it is running in intervals. At first, a person runs quickly, with all his might, until he suffocates from a lack of oxygen, then he resets running, giving the body an opportunity to catch his breath for a new jerk. Then again a jerk and again an easy run. Many people care about the question: how to create a program of interval running for weight loss? To do this, you must first understand the principle of operation of this method.

The development of general endurance is the basis for training not only professional athletes. In order to develop stamina and lose weight as much as possible, an interval training method is used. This type of running is used in team sports, for the development of endurance, as well as for weight loss.

Varieties of interval running.

There are many interval training, but all of them can be divided into three groups - interval sprint, pace and rerun.

Interval sprint is used for endurance training and the development of speed qualities. The essence of classes is the alternation of “slow” and “fast” segments. The sections of the distance, which are overcome with maximum voltage, replace the segments on which you can relax. As a relaxation, an unhurried jogging is used. This type of training gives quick results in the development of speed and endurance, and also helps to reduce weight Buy Real Steroids Online. But such training should be performed no more than once every 10-14 days.

A more complicated type of interval training is the tempo run. This is when long distances are overcome at maximum speed. Often on each subsequent lap you need to increase speed and pass the circle faster than the previous one. This type of training is very exhausting, but gives excellent results - it develops speed qualities, endurance, and stimulates muscle growth in the best way.

Repeated running can be used at medium and long distances.

This method consists in overcoming segments of 1-4 kilometers with maximum oxygen consumption by the body. These workouts produce a maximum of aerobic abilities, develop speed, require a person to fully control himself.

How to prepare for interval running classes.

Interval running helps not only to develop speed and endurance, but also forces the heart to work in an enhanced mode, which leads to a general healing of the body. A lot of tension in the process of interval running requires a large amount of energy, so the body is forced to actively burn fats. That's why interval running is a great way to lose weight.

However, before conducting such training, you need to find sufficient physical shape, accustoming yourself gradually to significant loads Buy Anabolics in USA. It is recommended to start with long-distance running, then gradually increase the intensity of training. As soon as you feel that you can travel long distances at high speed without any problems, you can go directly to interval running.

In the first days of classes, do not strive to go through “fast” segments at speeds close to maximum. Let the body get used to the training system, and only then gradually increase the speed mode. Those wishing to lose weight quickly with the help of interval experts are advised to periodically change the duration of the segments run at the maximum pace. So the body will not be accustomed to constant stress.

It is also important in the training process not to forget about the importance of “slow” ones. Their duration, as well as an active or passive way of rest, must be determined in such a way that it is possible to fully recover and run the next high-speed segment.

Your muscles will gradually grow, as will the overall stamina of the body. After several weeks of regular training, you will feel that you can reduce your rest time. The best option for relaxation is jogging or slow walking.

Interval running program.

With interval running inside the body, significant changes occur. The body perceives fast run as a signal to the start of glycogen breakdown Steroids for Sale Online. Due to the high energy expenditures, glycogen reserves are rapidly depleted during intensive running. The body switches to breaking down fat. Metabolism in the body has its own particular inertness, that is, there are no differences in fluctuations in running speed at small intervals leading steroids for sale. In other words, the body “thinks” that you are constantly running at high speed, and you need more and more energy. Respiratory rate, pulse rate increase, pressure and temperature rise - these are all signs of high metabolism. And your task is to maintain this high metabolism at the right level with the help of interval running. And for this you need to draw up a training program.

As a result, in just 15-20 minutes you will burn as much energy as you would burn in a regular monotonous run in 1-2 hours. Muscles during the interval run receive a large load, which means they will be slim and strong.
It is best to run several times a day than once, but for a long time. It's all about maintaining inertia. Burning fat after running continues for another 1-2 hours. That is why, if you run 3 times a day for 20 minutes at a time, then fat deposits will go away within 5-7 hours a day. This is the true path to a slender and trained figure.

There is, however, one caveat. If during training you do not follow a special diet (in other words, overeat), then the results will not be very noticeable. Indeed, during sports, you increase the level of metabolism in the body. The intestines begin to absorb more food eaten than under normal circumstances. Therefore, there are many not worth it. It is better to eat more often, but little by little, so that you always have a feeling of light hunger.

If you want to try out the strength of running for weight loss or just keep fit, be sure to take an integrated approach.

That is, dosed physical activity, rational moderate nutrition and good sleep. This is the correct physiological approach Buy Steroids Online in USA. All other methods of losing weight, especially 10 kilograms per month, are always associated with harm to health. The most optimal fat burning rate is 1.5-2 kg per month (approximately 500 grams per week).