The dietitian told NSN what kind of sport with moderate loads helps to lose weight even for those who are genetically inclined to be overweight. 

Fighting overweight people genetically predisposed to obesity is actively promoted by only one sport - running. This conclusion was reached by nutritionists and physicians of Taiwan, having studied the genotypes, data on physical activity and the degree of obesity of more than 18 thousand people Buy anabolic steroids in Australia. In addition, five more sports suppress some aspects of obesity - they include walking, yoga, hiking, and dancing in the mountains.

Nutritionist Alexander Nemov on air NSN He said that best of all, weight loss is facilitated by accelerated walking, moreover, organized in a certain way to change the severity of the load.

Jogging or slightly accelerated walking, but it should be torn: first you walk normally, then you accelerate for 2-3 minutes, then you slow down again - this is enough for exercise and for burning extra calories. Everything else is nonsense, sucked from a finger, ”said Nemov.

Other sports offered by Taiwanese colleagues can be both beneficial and harmful to the human body. It’s all about knowing the measure, the interlocutor concluded NSN.

“Walking is basically a kind of running. This is a pretty big load, so running is not a natural human behavior. So, it leads to a disease, one way or another Steroids Direct Australia. Yoga is sacred. There is breathing and stretching. These are static stresses, but the main thing is not to overdo it Steroid Shop UK. Everything is good in moderation. But this has nothing to do with the problem of obesity. Hiking in the mountains is a completely different occupation Anabolic Steroids Australia. It is associated with a change in atmospheric pressure. Pressure drop, and oxygen starvation sets in. If an unprepared person does this, it is very harmful. But on the other hand, the higher a person lives in the mountains, the longer he lives Safe Steroid Store. It's all about adaptation. This sometimes takes several years. Sport dances, again, without fanaticism, so as not to break anything - why not? ”Nemov said.

Earlier nutritionist, candidate of medical sciences Margarita Koroleva argued on air NSN with American scientists about proper weight loss. She said that for a positive effect, an integrated approach is required, involving both physical activity and proper nutrition. Overseas colleagues offered those who want to lose weight not to give up fatty foods, but to focus on strengthening muscles.