Running for many, the key to successful weight loss. How true is that?

Which run to choose

But running is different, it has many varieties. And the most acceptable form for losing weight is jogging. Few people know that this concept appeared only about half a century ago in 1961 with a light hand Jogging (jogging, English jogging - "shuffling" run) is a run at a speed of about 8 km. per hour with characteristic shaking movements of the feet on the supporting surface. Such a run differs from the usual one in that the time spent by a person in flight is much shorter and as soon as one foot comes off the ground, the other immediately returns to it. The step here is much shorter. Landing should be done on the entire foot, and not just on its front part. This can be achieved if the supporting leg is directly below the center of gravity of the body, and not in front of it Steroids for Sale Online in USA. This run is more like brisk walking, but still, the moment of flight is present. This type of running is considered the safest and most painless. It is indicated for people of different ages and different complexions.

Does running help to lose weight?

No one doubts that running is useful. As wellness gymnastics, morning exercises, or like any physical activity, running is an excellent way to increase the level of metabolism, for the work of the heart muscle and respiratory system. But we are interested in running, as a means of losing weight. Many believe that running half an hour a day at an average speed of about 6-7 km. at an o'clock they will begin to grow thin quickly. Of course, this is a myth. And there are several reasons for this:

oneIn order for you to start losing weight, one run is not enough. You need to reduce the amount of calories consumed so that it is less than the amount of energy that you consume per day. That is, it is necessary to create an artificial calorie deficit. But don't get carried away with it. You only need to balance your nutrition, and not starve yourself.

2. While jogging, the average person spends about 600-700 kcal in one hour. The same amount of cake can contain. Few can run an entire hour. If you master 30 minutes, already good. In this case, you spend only 350-300 kcal. Not so much, right?

How to eat during training

3. During running, the body expends energy. To do this, he chooses the easiest way - uses glucose. After all glucose has been consumed, fatty acids are consumed. But this is not fat at all. As a result, losing calories, you lose everything, but not fat.

4. Using running as a panacea for losing weight, you will not lose weight at best., in the worst, you gain yourself a lot of health problems Legal Steroids for Sale. In order to prevent this from happening, it is necessary to fully study the rules of jogging techniques.

What is the danger of running

Everyone knows that running is good. But few people know that he is dangerous. Like any medicine, running has its own indications, contraindications, dosage and overdose.

Why running can be dangerous and harmful. Consider running in more detail. What happens when running? In any run, there is a moment when your body is completely off the ground, and then falls on it Buy Steroids Online in Australia. The force of the blow that occurs when you land is high enough, even if you come off for a short time and not high. Since the surface pressure of your foot is a strong pressure of the mass of your body, multiplied by the acceleration of gravity. This is a controlled fall, but it does not become less dangerous from this. When landing, the spine and joints of the knees and ankles experience a huge load. Under this load, the spine and joints of the legs are compressed.

If you expose the body to such a load daily, then you can face serious health problems:

Spinal pain Joint damage Various injuries

Running is contraindicated for people who are too much weight, who have problems with the spine or joints, problems with the functioning of the musculoskeletal system as a whole.

How to run

Of course, not everything is so scary. Running is more beneficial than harmful. But in order for him to be in favor, you need to know some of the golden rules of running. Observing them, you can enjoy running to the fullest without harm to health.

1. Run only on special grounds or on dirt roads. If you are a city dweller and in addition to asphalt you have no alternatives, it is better to refuse to run at all. A hard surface increases the risk of complications with the spine and joints many times over. Striking such a surface is simply detrimental to your feet. Choose parks for running, and best of all special stadiums with rubberized tracks. They are flat, without any pits and obstacles in the form of stones or twigs that can provoke a fall or dislocation of the legs.

2. Run only in fresh air. Of course, finding clean air is a big problem these days. Therefore, I again vote in favor of parks or indoor stadiums Bodybuilding Steroids for Sale. Running along gassed roads, you will not only not benefit yourself, but you will poison your body. You will say: "I still breathe this air." You are right, but only during the run your lungs absorb several times more oxygen than with normal walking. And this means that you also absorb several times more toxins in the air. And this dose can be hazardous to health.

3. Choose comfortable running shoes. Today, all companies producing sports equipment have in their arsenal special running shoes. Choose the most convenient for you. Incorrect shoes when running, as well as when walking, can lead to injuries and foot defects.

4. Run on an empty stomach. If you have a solid meal before jogging, this will, firstly, slow down the fat burning process, as the body will use glucose obtained as food, and secondly, you will feel discomfort and pain in the left side of the abdomen. In addition, itís not very pleasant to run on a full stomach, and can also happen.

5. Start running small. It is not necessary to arrange a race of ten kilometers on the first day. Prepare the body slowly. Start with 10 minute runs, increasing the time every day by 5 minutes.

6. Running time should be at least 40 minutes. Since only after 20-30 minutes of intense running the body begins to use fats as fuel.

7. While running, try to lower your foot to the ground as gently as possible., making a springy movement. This is necessary in order to avoid the shock effect.

8. Hold your breath. While running, it is very important to breathe correctly so as not to suffocate. Breathing should be rhythmic. In two counts, inhale, in two counts exhale. In this case, inhale with your nose, and exhale with your mouth.

9. Do not take too long a step. The step should be so short so that the leg that is landing is exactly under your body, and not in front of it.

10. Do not run too fast. Jogging is useful precisely because it is quite calm and slow. You almost walk fast, but bounce a little. Fast running has a completely different technique and you need to be at it  prepared Anabolic Steroids Online in UK. But since our goal is not to overcome any time limits, we will run slowly so that breathing remains even.

Running or losing weight?

Of course, running is healthier than lying on the couch. But if you run with the goal of losing weight, that is, burning fat, should upset you. You are unlikely to achieve your goal. Athletes and athletes use jogging only as a warm-up before strength training. They warm their body and muscles by running. But you need to get rid of fat with the help of more weighty loads. It is necessary to exert a powerful effect on the muscles so that they participate in the process of fat burning. After all, they are the system where the breakdown of body fat occurs.

What to choose cardio or strength training?

In the process of power loads, muscle fibers are destroyed and the body begins to restore them, using fat reserves. And it spends a lot of energy on it, not only during training, but also after it, when the muscles recover. And during the run, the body uses mostly glucose and fatty acids, and with a long run it starts to eat protein from our muscles, thereby reducing their volume. As a result, you do not lose fat, you lose calories and muscles that you simply need.

That is why running is not a way to lose weight. This is just a good cardio load before a truly fat burning workout.

For runners and those who are about to start running in winter, I suggest watching a video on how to outfit for running in the cold, without spending a lot of money on it.