Any activity in which oxygen actively penetrates the body and breaks down fat cells is a step towards harmony. You can walk, dance, do exercises, jump, ride a bike, do yoga. But one of the most effective and at the same time available types of activity is running.

Running for effective weight loss

If you want to finally start working on your figure, but it seems that it is difficult and nothing will work, you should start with a run. It is available to everyone. Benefits of running:

o    does not require special equipment and space, purchase of an expensive subscription;

o    subject to certain conditions, available in any weather;

o    saturates cells with oxygen;

o    trains the heart, increases overall endurance, makes the muscles elastic, smoothes the skin;

o    optimizes blood circulation and metabolism;

o    is the prevention of atherosclerosis, diabetes and other serious diseases;

o    relieves the body of toxins that come from sweat;

o    relieves stress, frees the head from gloomy thoughts;

o    charges with energy and positive.

Of course, these are generally accepted phrases about running, but he really works wonders, you just have to get involved and cast aside doubts Buy anabolic steroids in Australia. However, sometimes common sense is behind doubts Safe Steroid Store. Running is a serious burden, and you need to let it into your life correctly.

Rules for independent jogging

In order for running to benefit the body and soul, and not harm, it is important to follow certain rules:

o    high-quality running sneakers are necessary, especially if the route passes along hard asphalt. Depreciation will protect the joints and internal organs from shock;

o    take into account the state of health and possible contraindications;

o    the requirements for clothes are not as high as for shoes, but it is better when the fabric “breathes” and absorbs moisture, instantly evaporating it;

o    increase the load gradually, even if very slowly;

o    control the heart rate (an average of 125-165 beats per second, but you need to calculate individually) - this will help the heart rate monitor;

o    control breathing: rhythmically inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth; every breath needs to be felt and realized;

o    dress for a run on the weather.

You can run indoors on the track, but outdoor activities are more effective. Firstly, more oxygen gets into the lungs, and secondly, a real run is very different from a surrogate - kicking over a moving canvas, where some of the muscles are not included in the work. But if you choose between the hall and running along the track, it is preferable to choose the first option.

On average, running burns 300 kilocalories per hour, and when complex elements are added, it increases energy consumption. The body starts metabolism, so much so that in a state of rest, excess fat continues to burn.

How to run

Getting started is best done in a stadium or in a deserted park - it will be easier for you to tune in Buy Steroids with Credit Card. Before the race you need to stretch a little, stretch, jump. With a lot of frustration, enough for the first time and five minutes of jogging. Alternatively, running can be alternated with fast walking, maintaining a heart rate above 125 beats - this is the threshold at which fat burns Anabolic Steroids for Sale. And the most inaccessible fat deposits begin to give up after 40 minutes of cardio loading.

Therefore, an ideal run should last from 45 minutes to an hour with a regularity of 2-4 times a week. Interval running, shuttle running, running with your knees raised high, etc. gives extra load.

Important! To lose weight, you need to adjust the diet. Food should fill with energy, nourish the muscles and heart, and the calories received from it should not exceed those lost when running.


Unfortunately, some health problems may not allow you to enjoy running, they cannot be ignored. Diseases of the heart, joints, blood, veins and others, as well as colds, are an excuse to abandon running in favor of active walking. At least for a while.

If health does not cause obvious fears, and running causes discomfort, there may be reasons for this:

o    uncomfortable shoes or clothing;

o    improper running or breathing technique;

o    overwork, both physical and moral;

o    inappropriate place to run.

Although running is considered a universal sport, it may not be right for you Order Steroids Online. Do not be upset, because there are many other ways to lose weight. You are sure to pick a lesson for yourself.

In the life of any person there is a place to run. Whether it’s a daily cross or a minute run for the bus; single start or group marathon; serious training or playing with a child. The pulse quickens, a blush appears on the cheeks, the muscles are filled with blood ...

Running for weight loss is a great reason to start an active, healthy lifestyle.