Running can be attributed to the most affordable and simplest sport. You put on sneakers, comfortable and light clothes and run.

On a treadmill, in a park, in the gym, or at home whenever you want. Running is one of the most fashionable types of fitness that promotes weight loss of the buttocks, legs and abdomen, because during the run acceleration of metabolic processes occurs, due to which calories are burned, and a large portion of oxygen enters the body.
If you ask any woman whether she can run, in 99% of cases you can see bewilderment and hear a positive answer. However, the naturalness and apparent simplicity of jogging repeatedly led to injuries of the musculoskeletal system, so you need to deal with this sport wisely.
When you cant run Buy Anabolics in USA. Contraindications for running.
Before telling about all the secrets of proper running, it should be noted that he, like any other kind of fitness, has contraindications. These are recent surgeries and fresh injuries, flat feet and endocrine disorders, bronchial asthma, severe myopia, peptic ulcer and varicose veins, vertebral deformities, inflammatory processes, any exacerbations of diseases, coronary disease, heart defects, hypertension.
How to properly run to lose weight
Even if doctors gave the go-ahead for running, which helps to lose weight in the buttocks, legs and abdomen, you should not immediately start from a marathon distance, as the body may not appreciate this impulse. They accustom the body to stress gradually, it is necessary to focus on their own physical state level of training. For beginners, the optimal jogging time is recommended at an average speed of 10-20 minutes. If difficulties arise with such a load, then start with a walking race. Gradually, the duration of the lesson is brought to 40-60 minutes. The most effective fat burning on the buttocks, legs and stomach occurs when jogging for a training duration of more than 30 minutes.
Systematic running too fast affects the exhausting organism and makes it work to the limit Buy Steroids Online in USA. To increase the effectiveness of training, it is better to conduct jogging exercises on hilly terrain, or to alternate between slow jogging and fast jogging over short distances.

Regularity, this is the main component of successful jogging, which contributes to weight loss of the buttocks, legs and abdomen. If any pain bothers you, then it is better to refuse to run. For beginners, 2-3 runs a week are enough, which gradually need to be transferred to daily training. This is required for less painful adaptation of the muscles to the loads.
Before jogging and after training, you need to measure your heart rate. The most optimal frequency of strokes for classes is 120-130, and 30 minutes after the completion of the running training, the pulse should normalize.
Time for running for weight loss of the abdomen, buttocks and legs
Scientists have very different opinions about the best time for jogging. Some studies show that it is best to run for weight loss in the evenings to strengthen muscles in the afternoon, and the nervous system will be grateful for morning runs. According to other studies, morning jogging is more effective for losing weight on the buttocks, legs, and abdomen. In fact, only one thing can be said with confidence: in the mornings, the air is cleaner in the city, and you shouldnt break the schedule and biorhythms because of runs - run when it is most convenient and comfortable.
Jogging meals
Before the start of the race, you can allow a light snack, which should include a small amount of vegetable salad or a glass of juice. It should be noted that this meal should be just a snack, and not a full meal Buy Real Steroids Online. After training, eating is not worth about an hour, but you need to drink, as well as while jogging.
For morning vivacity and bringing the muscles into combat readiness at any time of the day, a contrast shower is recommended before jogging. And after running, it is best to take a warm shower, which helps to relax muscles.
For jogging you should choose places remote from the roads, in stadiums or in a forested area. Such recommendations are due to the presence of the cleanest air in such places and a softer, cushioning "coating" of the soil or rubber coating compared to asphalt.
Running shoes
For running you should choose the right shoes. Such shoes should be comfortable and appropriate in size. Shoes should have sufficient cushioning and, at the same time, support the foot Steroids Australia Online. Depreciation is important because the feet, knees, and joints are most exposed to compression during running. It is necessary to support the ankles to avoid sprains and dislocations. Running shoes should not have excessively thickened back of the sole, otherwise it will be impossible to follow the correct technique, which protects against injuries and undesirable consequences such as wear of the joints. When landing, the leg should not be placed on the heel, but on the forefoot. During running training, do not create excessive noise Steroid Shop №1 in Australia. If this happens, then the legs literally beat against the surface, thus, excessive load on the joints. During jogging, one should not forget about energetic help to oneself with hands, which should be bent at the elbows, and it is necessary to control breathing. It is necessary to breathe through a half-open mouth or nose, breathing should increase in parallel with acceleration.
Subject to such simple rules, you can make running workouts to lose weight on the buttocks, legs and are safe, and you can make them more enjoyable by introducing a friend to the classes or taking a player with you. It should be noted that training must be combined with proper nutrition. How to eat, read here. Well, we can only sincerely wish you to get rid of the problem of excess weight forever!