If you want to burn excess fat while jogging, not muscle, you should learn how to run properly.

Running in the 60s was a way of life - people went out for morning runs in groups, ran in parks and stadiums not only for weight loss, but for health and belonging to a group of athletes. Moreover, women cared little how much they burn calories, and even more so whether running helps to lose weight, because there was no desire to squeeze into Western standards of beauty "90-60-90".

But everything is changing. Of course, and now there are people for whom running is just a way to clear thoughts, a kind of meditation that gives strength. But there are other girls who want to lose weight through running.

Running, like cycling and jumping rope, is one of the best types of cardio load Top Legal Steroids. It solves several problems at once:

How to properly run to lose weight

How much do you need to run to lose weight

If your goal is losing weight, then you have to try. 20-minute morning runs, even daily ones, will not help you lose weight. Simple biology: the process of burning fat starts only after the body runs out of glycogen (a reserve source of energy), then it will use its own fat reserves as an energy source. On average, it starts after 30 minutes of non-intense jogging. A short run only helps to saturate the body with oxygen, which is good for health, but does not have any effect on the correction of the figure.

The ideal running speed for weight loss is 79 km / h Anabolic Steroids for Sale. With a rhythm of 1 km in 7 minutes, you will not feel short of breath or very tired, so you can run about 5 km without preparation. But better is more.

To start the process of burning fat, you need to run for at least 50 minutes, ideally an hour, but not more than 1 hour 15 minutes. Longer runs will force the body to take energy from muscle mass, and if there are no muscles, there is no weight loss.

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Here are 5 more rules for proper weight loss.

  • Run in the morning

If you run in the morning, you will burn fat, and not eaten in a day Buy steroids in USA at online. According to the results of numerous studies, morning runs lasting at least 40 minutes help burn 3 times more fat than at any other time.

  • Breakfast 30 minutes before jogging

Running on an empty stomach is harmful, but you cant eat a lot, and especially drink coffee. Eat "slow" carbohydrates and proteins - cottage cheese, toast with avocado, cocoa without sugar. And better - a banana or 30 g of chocolate. The ideal serving size is all that fits in the palm of your hand. Be sure to take a bottle of water with you for a run. Every 3-4 km is worth a drink, even if you do not feel thirsty.

how to run to lose weight

  • Do a workout and a hitch

Before jogging, its important to warm up your muscles so as not to damage them. Spend 5 minutes stretching your muscles before and after your workout Buy Steroids at a low price in USA. This will help protect the ligaments and joints.

  • Find your pace

We have already said that to burn fat you need to run at a pace of 7-9 km / h. The so-called jogging is ideal for weight loss. But if you are uncomfortable running slowly, try not to exceed the pace of 5.5 km / h, otherwise the muscles will go to consumption. To monitor the pace, run with a pedometer. 

how much do you need to run to lose weight

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  • If you want to build muscle

If you want not just thin legs, but embossed (do not confuse with the legs of bodybuilders), then gradually increase the pace and time of jogging. It is advisable to run at intervals, alternating between a slow and fast pace. Fast running helps build muscle.

And the last: many girls think that running helps to pump up the ass. In fact, in order to round the buttocks you need to arrange special loads during jogging Order Steroids Online. The best option is to run up the stairs. If you run in the stadium, arrange "specialists" every 2-3 laps.