In the 50s of the twentieth century, scientists found that products when processed by the body can form alkali or acid. Depending on this, all products can be divided into neutral, acid and alkaline. The body must receive both acid and alkali. But if something prevails, health problems can occur (especially acidic foods). Therefore, the so-called alkaline diet appeared, which is based on the use of certain foods.

The nuances and secrets of such nutrition

Of course, you must consume alkaline products Buy steroids in USA online shop. They should be 80% of the diet Steroids Online with Great Discounts!. But acidic foods should not be completely ruled out. 20% of the menu is their proportion, which will not be harmful to health.

Why is it necessary to use alkaline foods? The fact is that in the acidic environment of the intestine pathogenic bacteria multiply rapidly, rotting processes occur and slags form. All this, of course, negatively affects the entire body. And alkali neutralizes acid, helps to remove toxins and toxins from the body. As a result, lightness appears, mood improves.

Acid contributes to the destruction of bones, deterioration of the skin and hair, insomnia, overwork, outbreaks of anger. And alkali cleanses the blood and lymph, provides vital activity and normal functioning of all organs and systems. An imbalance in the body leads to illness and weight gain. And an alkaline diet not only helps to lose weight, but also improve health.

Here are the basic rules for such a meal:
• vegetables must be present on the menu, most of them raw;
• fish can be eaten three times a week, not more;
• meat should be consumed in small quantities;
• a couple of times a week you can eat cereals;
• You can eat nuts, especially almonds;
• For breakfast, it is very advisable to choose a red or green vegetable;
• the last meal no later than seven in the evening.

It is very important to connect physical activity. Any sport, dancing, simple walks will be useful.

Do not follow a diet when gastritis with low acidity of the stomach, kidney problems, heart disease.

How to eat?

The diet menu should include: watermelon, cranberries, apples, dates, citruses, apricots, broccoli, turnips, zucchini, eggplant, carrots, black currants, cauliflower, mushrooms, melon Characteristics of training techniques in bodybuilding. Allowed baked potatoes, beet tops. From meat you can choose beef, chicken and veal, of course, without fat. In addition, you can eat millet, buckwheat, jam, cream and honey, olive, linseed, pumpkin oil.

To a minimum you need to reduce: sugar, alcohol, coffee and tea, cereals, fish and meat (fatty varieties), butter, eggs, milk.

The remaining products are neutral. They can be included in the menu, but in moderation.

Vegetables should be boiled or steamed Genuine steroids. Bake fish or meat or cook. Sweet is generally better to exclude, but if you really want to, you can eat a little honey, maple syrup. Of course, as with any diet, you need to drink a lot.

There are periods in the diet:
• body cleansing. During this period, weakness can be felt, and the plumb line will be significant;
• balancing alkalis and acids. Fatigue and weakness go away;
• maintaining a balance of acid and alkali.

Each period has its own nuances in nutrition.

The first period lasts a week and during this time you can lose up to five kilograms of excess weight Order Anabolic Steroids Online. It’s like entering a diet. Allowed to eat a little sweet and pastries, but only wholesome.

Here is a sample menu for the first phase:
• in the morning - vegetables of green or red color, they can be stewed, yogurt and apple;
• lunch - veal or chicken (150 g), vegetable salad, yogurt;
• in the evening - fish, salad, yogurt.

You can have a snack with a spoon of honey and herbal tea, dates, fruits.

In the next period, sweet, flour and alcohol should be completely eliminated. Cereal, protein products should be consumed only once every seven days.

Here is the diet menu:
• morning meal - fruits and kefir;
• lunch - vegetable soup;
• dinner - tofu and green stewed or fresh vegetables.

As you can see, the menu is more strict. Therefore, dieting during this period will be the most difficult.

The third phase can last twelve days, but can be reduced to nine. During this period, you can again eat whole grain bread, protein products, drink mineral water.

Approximate third phase diet menu:

• breakfast - boiled eggs or omelet, any fruit and low-fat yogurt;
• lunch - a soup made only of vegetables, a dish of meat or fish, salad;
• in the evening - vegetables and fish.

Snacks - vegetables, dates, mineral water, fruits.

Naturally, while following a diet, you need to monitor your well-being. If weakness, malaise, and abdominal pain bothers not only the first few days, but also in the second phase, then this nutrition harms you, it is worth stopping it.

This diet will not only allow you to adjust weight, but also improve overall well-being.