Kefir diet for weight loss is widely used by nutritionists to treat obese people. Kefir is a hearty drink with a low amount of calories. The main property of kefir is the restoration of intestinal microflora, the improvement of metabolic processes in the body, kefir gives a feeling of lightness, quick saturation and satiety.

Kefir diet for weight loss

1 day kefir diet5 boiled potatoes and 1.5 litas fat-free kefir.

2 day kefir diets100 r boiled chicken breast and 1.5 liters of fat-free kefir. 3 day kefir diet100 g of boiled lean beef and 1.5 liters of fat-free kefir.4 day kefir diet100 g of boiled low-fat fish and 1.5 liters of fat-free kefir.5 day kefir dietAny fruits and vegetables (exception - bananas and vinogoaad) and 1.5 liters of fat-free kefir.6 day kefir dietAny amount of kefir.7 day kefir dietMineral water. Before starting this diet, it is recommended to clean intestines. All products are cooked without sugar and salt. Kefir diet considered one of the safe, convenient and inexpensive. Many girls "sat" on this diet, since it is quite diverse, easy to tolerate, over the week the young women lost about 4 kg, and over the next week (already without a diet) the weight decreased by another 2 kg. During the kefir diet, your body will "rest" from fatty and smoked dishes, fried meat and salted fish. Naturally, after completing the kefir diet, you should refrain from eating muffins, sweets, sauces, pickles and smoked.

Tip 2: The effectiveness of the kefir diet

Kefir diet not only contributes to weight loss, but delivers great benefits to the body, providing excellent cosmetic effect, improving complexion and eliminating cellulite. There are a large number of kefir diets, each of which brings its own results.

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Simple kefir diet

This option kefir diet is an effective and helpful. The duration of such unloading is no more than 3 days, during which you will need to drink only kefir. AT which the amount to drink this fermented milk drink, decide for yourself, most importantly - do it evenly throughout the day, without suffering hunger. Every day you will lose 500-800 grams of excess weight.

If after 3 days of such a diet you feel good, you can continue it for another 1-2 days.


Kefir-fruit diet

This kefir diet involves the use of kefir - at least 1.5-2 liters per day - and fruits in moderation. Green apples are perfectly combined with this drink, but it is better to refuse grapes and bananas, otherwise you will not achieve the desired result. You can stick to this diet option for no more than 4-5 days, for which you can get rid of an average of 3-5 extra pounds. 

Nine-day Kefir Slimming Diet

For 9 days of this diet, you can lose 8-10 kilograms. In the first 3 days, drink kefir without quantity restrictions and eat 100 grams of boiled rice, without adding salt and other spices. In the second 3 days, also drink kefir and eat 100 grams of boiled chicken. And in the last 3 days, in addition to kefir, eat green apples as much as you want.

Kefir - apple diet

Kefir - apple diet is a fairly strict option, but it gives a lasting result. Weight loss will be about 10-12 kilograms in 9 days. The first 3 days, drink only kefir, but not more than 2 liters per day. The second 3 days, eat 2 kilograms of green apples, evenly distributing this amount throughout the day. Drink unlimited water and herbal unsweetened tea Buy Steroids Online in Australia. The last 3 days, use only kefir - no more than 2 liters per day. 

A contraindication to the kefir diet is the individual intolerance of this fermented milk drink.

During the kefir - apple diet, you may experience a deterioration in well-being. In this case, you can add a small amount of liquid natural honey to green tea or kefir. 

If this does not help and you still feel unwell, carefully exit the diet, starting with fruits, sweet tea and boiled eggs.

A few days before the start of the diet, try to unload the body, excluding flour, fatty and sweet foods from the diet. For kefir diet, give preference only to a fresh natural product, fat content of not more than 1%.

Tip 3: Tips for using the kefir diet

Kefir, without a doubt, is one of the most popular foods for people who monitor their weight. And not by chance. Just a few days spent on kefir give immediate results. But in order to lose weight and not harm your health, you need to adhere to several rules.

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Kefir diet is beneficial only when it is correctly combined with other products. However, even mono-diet requires a special approach. The most important thing in such a diet is to make kefir work so that it not only cleanses the intestines of excess "garbage", but also benefits the entire body. 

It is noteworthy that you can lose weight on kefir in home conditions. But in this case, you must definitely approach the process of getting rid of extra pounds wisely. And be sure to observe in all measure. A lot is not always better. This rule applies to kefir. 

So, if you still decide to resort to the "services" of kefir, decide which diet you will adhere to. For example, you can lose a few extra pounds in a few days by sitting on a mono diet, that is, eating only one product for breakfast, lunch and dinner - in this case kefir. According to experts, this option is the best, since it does not harm the body and allows you to quickly say goodbye to extra pounds. 

Kefir monodiet

On one kefir, nutritionists recommend sitting for one or three days. For example, its useful to set up a fasting day once a week, on which your diet should only kefir. But you can drink it in unlimited quantities. But how shows practice, for a noticeable result, one or two liters of this useful sour-milk product is enough. You can drink kefir at any time, but at the same time it is mandatory during the main meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner. This approach will not allow the body to stray from the already familiar schedule of nutrition. To make the diet more effective, experts recommend stretching kefir in six doses, each after 2.5-3 hours.

After a week, if you continue to struggle with overweight, this diet can be repeated.

It should be remembered that kefir diet for all its benefits, it should not last more than three days, since a sharp weight loss occurs during this period. It should not be continued longer: all mono-diets are quite rigid for the body. 
If you decide to continue to lose weight, use the soft options of kefir diets. The three most useful ones included kefir-buckwheat, kefir-apple and kefir-cucumber diets. True, none of them can be called ideal: each has its own shortcomings and positive aspects. 

The main advantage of the above diets is that sitting on them you will not feel hungry, which means you will have a good mood and performance. But at the same time you will lose weight a little slower than sitting on a mono-diet. 

Kefir and buckwheat diet

Steamed in boiling water, undigested, buckwheat and kefir are an excellent option for those who want to lose weight without feeling hunger and discomfort. Buckwheat allows the body to be saturated, and kefir - get rid of toxins and makes the body work and burn fat. Within one day, you need to use 1 cup of buckwheat and 1 liter of kefir. You can sit on such a diet for up to 14 days. At the same time, on the fourth day of the diet, protein products can be included in the diet. 

Kefir cucumber diet

Kefir-cucumber diet helps to get rid of excess sides. Its essence is quite simple. During the diet - it is designed for five days - you can eat only cucumbers (they are low-calorie and allow you to fill the stomach with a minimum amount of kilocalories) and kefir. You can also diversify your menu with cucumber soup with the addition of greens, green onions, lettuce, Peking cabbage and the main ingredient - kefir and kefir-cucumber cocktail with a pinch of cinnamon. 
Pay attention to the fact that you need to get out of this diet gradually, including products close to dietary ones: cottage cheese, yogurt, beets, carrots, cabbage, zucchini, chicken breast, which will help to gently return to your usual diet. 

Kefir apple diet

This diet is one of the most popular, as it allows you to very quickly lose weight and cleanse the intestines of toxins and normalize metabolism. Apples paired with kefir are a very powerful way to deal with extra pounds. 

For example, getting rid of 1-2 kilograms while sitting on this diet can be done in three days Steroids for Sale Online. On the day you need to eat 5-6 any (preferably green) apples and drink 1.5 liters of kefir. Nothing else can be eaten these days. This diet is designed for three days, in which you can eat fruit salad seasoned with kefir, apple and kefir cocktail.

To reduce the irritating effect of apples on the stomach, they can be baked in the oven or microwave.

With the help of kefir, the singer Larisa Dolina also noticeably lost weight. Her diet is designed for seven days. And her weekly diet included kefir, boiled potatoes, sour cream, a curd mixture, apples, carrots, prunes and boiled chicken. For a week of such a diet, experts say, you can lose up to seven kilograms.

How to drink kefir for weight loss

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How to drink kefir for weight loss

Tip 4: Nutrition Institute Kefir Diet

Institute of Kefir Diet is one of the most effective and safe. Professional nutritionists participated in its development. This power mode allows you to quickly and easily lose extra pounds. In addition, kefir has a positive effect on the body, it helps the intestines, improves the condition of the skin, nails and hair.

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How to follow a kefir diet

Kefir diet Institute power supply Designed for 21 days. For that time You can get an excellent result: with strict adherence to the rules, you can lose up to 10 kilograms in three weeks. In addition, the body will be cleansed of toxins and toxins. During the kefir diet, the daily diet should not exceed 1100-1700 kcal. Calories needed must be distributed evenly throughout the day. The best option is take food in small portions every two hours. The number of meals should be 5-6 times a day. Dinner must be no later than 18 hours.

At the time of dieting, you should exclude bread and pastries, potatoes, sugar, salty, fatty, fried foods from the daily menu. Low-fat meat and fish are allowed. Without limitation, you can eat fruits, as well as vegetables that do not contain starch. Fluid intake is limited to 1.5 liters per day, and 1 liter of this volume is kefir. You can also include other dairy products, vegetable juices in the diet. Of 1.5 liters of liquid, 500 ml should be contained in food. It is necessary to limit salt, its maximum amount is 5 grams per day. Fats in the diet are also reduced, while vegetable oil should make up half of the total amount of fat.

Before using a kefir diet, it is recommended to consult a specialist. A dietitian will help to create a suitable diet, taking into account the characteristics of the body.

How to get out of the kefir diet

From the kefir diet should go gradually so that the body and the gastrointestinal tract do not get stress. For the correct exit from the diet, you need to gradually increase the number of foods consumed during this diet. On the first day, only light food is recommended: broth, cereals without oil and with a small amount of salt, boiled fish or meat. In the future, the range of food products can be gradually expanded Steroids Australia Online. It is better to refuse the use of mayonnaise, fatty and fried foods in order to preserve the result for a long time.

The Institute of Kefir diet, like any other way to lose weight, can be harmful to the body, since dairy products are not suitable for everyone.

After the holidays or celebrations, you can spend an unloading kefir day, which will cleanse the body from plentiful food. During the day you can drink 1.5 liters of fat-free kefir, this amount should be divided into 5-6 receptions. Kefir greatly accelerates the metabolism and forces the body to spend extra pounds.

Tip 5: How to Sweeten Kefir Diet

Everyone knows that in pursuit of beauty, diet figures are almost the main weapon. There are a lot of diets, according to any needs, opportunities, passions and willpower - from chewing beet meal to enjoying the seafood.

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One of the simplest, affordable and effective diets is kefir. There are many options for combining kefir with other equally useful products in time diets, but many beautiful ladies, wishing to achieve an immediate effect, prefer kefir monodiet.

It makes no sense to talk about the usefulness of this method lose weight, as well as the heroism of those who chose it, everyone decides for himself. I just want to note that not everyone loves kefir, but the prospect use in considerable quantities three (five, seven, nine) days can lead to discouragement, indecision, and even completely disrupt Napoleonic plans get rid from extra pounds with the help of a magic drink.


But there is one tricky way to somewhat sweeten this pill. For this, 1.5 liters of kefir will need:

  • oatmeal - 3 tbsp. spoons;

  • raisins - 250 grams;

  • vanilla sugar - 1.5 teaspoons;



It is better to take oatmeal small, in the case of large it is better to use a chopper. Add oatmeal to kefir, add raisins and vanilla sugar to the same place, mix. It will turn out something like "Activia" with bran and cereals, except that there are less sugars and preservatives, and the ingredients are all checked.

Now you need to divide the resulting mixture into 5-6 parts and enjoy using it throughout the day. If the diet lasts longer, repeat on subsequent diet days. This method of applying kefir is slightly more high-calorie, but the days of losing weight will be easier and with great pleasure.


Tip 6: Menu and Nutrition Features for Kefir Diet

Regular consumption of kefir cleanses the body of toxins and improves the intestinal microflora. However, despite all the benefits of this sour-milk drink, it is extremely undesirable to constantly sit on kefir, and before deciding on a diet, consult a doctor.

Menu and nutrition features for kefir diet make a floor from GVLAlignment of the floor is one of the key points of repair. The result of the work depends on the correctly selected technology - waterproofing, sound insulation, environmental friendliness and comfort in the room. Let's figure out how to level the floor as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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First you need to choose a good kefir for your diet, especially if you are going to eat only one week. According to the state standard, high-quality kefir should contain 2.8 g of protein and from 0.5 to 8.9% fat per 100 g. The main indicator of its quality is the expiration date. The long shelf life indicates that during production special additives were used that prevent the development of beneficial microorganisms. Being open, such kefirs spoil literally in a day.

Kefir is very useful not only for weight loss, but also for many diseases. In particular, with hypertension, diabetes, diseases of the gallbladder and liver, nephritis, urolithiasis, atherosclerosis and gout.

There are many products on the market that only pretend to be kefir. And you need to choose kefir carefully, otherwise the effect of the diet will come to naught.

Be careful with kefir with the prefix bio. They contain other starter preparations, including bifidobacteria and acidophilus bacilli. They are particularly resilient and do not collapse for a long time, due to which they manage to qualitatively affect the intestinal microflora during passage through the gastrointestinal tract.

For a 7-day kefir diet, you need kefir with 1% fat. By its useful properties, it is equal to 2.5% kefir, but due to a more delicate and light consistency, it contains less calories and fats. In 100 g of such a product, only 40 kcal.

There are several varieties of kefir diets that combine the three main principles. Firstly, the diet should be 7 days. Secondly, you need a clear meal schedule, kefir should be taken 6 times a day at regular intervals, the last meal should be no later than 2 hours before bedtime. And, thirdly, the main product should be, of course, kefir. In this case, it is allowed to consume a certain amount of other low-calorie foods.

Any diet that involves severely restricting the quantity and composition of foods consumed can be hazardous to health. Therefore, try to conduct them no more than twice a year.

In some cases, a 7-day kefir diet involves limiting the fluid to 0.5 liters of kefir per day. Doctors strongly recommend abandoning such a strict diet, as this is fraught with irreversible consequences with severe dehydration Buy Steroids Online in USA. But try to abstain from black tea, sugar and salt. Herbal tea and water are allowed.

The basic kefir diet involves the inclusion of other low-calorie foods in the diet. Within 7 days, except for 6 - unloading, you need to drink 0.5 liters of kefir. On the first day, 400 g of baked potato without salt is added to the menu, in the second 400 g of cottage cheese with a low percentage of fat, on the third, fifth and seventh - 400 g of any fruit, except grapes and bananas, in the fourth - 400 g of boiled chicken breasts. The sixth day - unloading, only water without gas in the amount of 1.5 liters is allowed.

A hungry kefir diet implies an increase in the amount of kefir to 2 liters and a decrease in portions of additional products to 100 g.
During a protein kefir diet, two fruit days are replaced with lean days. It is allowed to eat 400 g of lean meat and chicken.

Tip 7: How to lose weight on kefir: 3 most popular diets

Nutritionists are advised to consume fermented milk products daily, as they tend to establish intestinal microflora and reduce the amount of digestible lipids. Especially popular with losing weight kefir - it is affordable, it tastes good, and the effect of kefir diets is quite high. What are the most popular kefir diets?