When you need to lose weight quickly, a noticeable result is needed, like air Steroids UK Shop. This is the best motivation. Another thing is how to achieve this. Indeed, rapid weight loss in a short time is not an easy task, many think. However, a diet developed by American doctors works wonders, providing lasting weight loss in two weeks.

The most effective diet, which is gradually replacing the hackneyed diets of Dukan and Atkins, is the South Beach diet. That's what it is called - South Beach Diet. It was developed by a US cardiologist Arthur Agatston. In addition to cleansing blood vessels from cholesterol and lowering blood sugar levels, its nutritional system helps to lose weight Buy Steroids in UK. Moreover, it is simple, not too strict and balanced.

According to Dr Buy Steroids Online for Bodybuilding. Agaston, “South Beach” is especially good when you need to get in shape quickly. The most noticeable loss of extra pounds in the first two weeks. So, for half a month, according to reviews, you can lose an average of 6 kg of weight.

The principle of the South Beach diet - how is the result achieved

The diet is divided into three phases, each of which is responsible for: fast fat burning, balanced nutrition and the transition to a normal diet. That is, the diet, as it were, “evens out” your diet, gradually accustoming the body to eat properly Steroid Shop â„–1 in Australia. This provides weight loss for a long time and weight retention.

The first two weeks are the complete exclusion of simple carbohydrates: potatoes, bread, sweets, pasta. During this time, the first impetus for weight loss is given, and about 6 kg is just lost.

The second two weeks - the inclusion of carbohydrates in the diet, consisting mainly of whole grain products, sweet is allowed in limited quantities. This is necessary to avoid stressful situations and situations when the weight is “worth”. That is, the slowdown of metabolism is excluded.

Further, the restriction of carbohydrates remains valid, but they are not prohibited. You can eat everything, but you must limit yourself. This will provide the effect of losing weight for a lifetime.

Sample meal plan for the first two weeks

  • Breakfast - an omelet from two eggs, plus a cup of green tea or boiled coffee;
  • Lunch - any kind of vegetable salad and tuna;
  • Dinner - a portion of fried or baked chicken plus a vegetable side dish. Vegetables can be both fresh and baked;
  • Water and teas without sugar are allowed - they can be drunk as much as you like during the day.

During this period, it is important not to break into sweets and flour. Remember - the main wave of weight loss occurs just in the first two weeks Steroids store in UK. The author of the diet, a cardiologist, notes that this diet not only helps to find a slimmer figure, but also protects against heart attacks and strokes.