Rice diet for weight loss  - One of the most affordable and popular among women who dream of losing weight Steroids for Sale Online. Why is such increased attention specifically to the rice diet? In eastern countries, finding a truly obese person is not so simple. And the thing is that the inhabitants of eastern countries eat a lot of rice. Rice has a cleansing effect and with its help you can not only lose weight, but also improve the body.

There are plenty of rice diet options - for every taste and opportunity. Choose your rice diet and lose weight with health benefits.

Rice diet "5 volumes"

5 volumes - this is five glasses with infused rice, which you need to eat every day. To begin with - take five glasses and put in each of them two tablespoons of unpolished brown rice washed with water. Pour 200 ml of pure water into each glass and leave everything overnight. On the second day, rinse all 5 glasses of rice again and pour them over with water, leaving for a day Steroids Australia Online. Repeat the procedure for four days in a row, for which rice  should become like a sponge. On the fifth day in the morning, on an empty stomach, without drinking a sip of water, eat two tablespoons of rice from the first glass, without washing them down with water Buy Real Steroids Online. The first meal should be two hours after eating rice. In an empty glass, put two more tablespoons of washed rice and put it at the end of the order of glasses. The next day, eat rice from a second glass and so on. Remember to rinse the rice every day. 

Why is this rice diet option so good? Rice, entering the body begins to absorb all the toxins and salts, while digesting for a long time and suppress the feeling of hunger Buy Steroids Online in Australia. The diet lasts up to two weeks. during this time you can eat kefir, dairy products, some vegetables and fruits and drink up to two liters of clean water.

Rice diet “2 dishes”

Another very simple rice diet option. The first dish of this diet option is rice, and the second is seafood. Every day you need to eat boiled rice and something from seafood. Ideal - shrimp, fish, squid. Add greens to each dish and do not forget to drink a lot of green tea or pure water Buy Steroids Online in USA. You can sit on such a sparing version of the rice diet for up to two weeks.

Hard rice diet option

This option is for strong women who need to urgently lose weight. The name of this rice diet is “a glass of rice” and its essence is that every day you can eat only 1 glass of rice and drink up to two liters of water. The diet lasts no more than three days, for which you can lose 5-6 kg.