The cabbage diet cannot be called fast, but it is considered very effective. And, despite the fact that your diet is limited to (almost) one product, you will not have to be content only with them.


As for the type of cabbage, here you can focus on your taste and alternate white, cauliflower, Beijing, Brussels, broccoli and kohlrabi in unlimited quantities. But nutritionists still recommend paying attention to the white-headed one, since it contains a negative energy balance Safe Steroid Store. And this means that the body spends more energy on its processing than it consumes.


In addition, the list of allowed products included low-fat varieties of fish and meat, any fruit other than bananas, green tea and coffee. The daily diet should not exceed 900 calories - despite the fact that in any form of cabbage per 100 g contains no more than 50 kcal, and in sauerkraut - only 19 kcal Order Steroids Online. Therefore, the cabbage diet provides for the alternation of fresh and sauerkraut - every three days.


The duration of the cabbage diet is designed for three, seven or 10 days. For the selected period of time, you will throw off 5 to 10 kilograms - it all depends on the physiology of the body Anabolic Steroids Australia. Repeat the diet is recommended no more than once every two months. In addition, contraindications should be taken into account: kidney and gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes mellitus, low blood pressure.


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In the first days after the diet, build up calories gradually, adding to the diet no more than 70 kcal. But you cant refuse cabbage - at least one full-fledged cabbage should remain in the diet (until you restore the usual daily calorie content). Also on the day you must eat an additional portion of vegetables, a slice of whole grain bread, cereals, cooked on water, and 300 g of fish or meat in any form.


Despite the benefits, cabbage is considered tough food and is not safe for the gastrointestinal tract in large quantities. It gives volume to the stomach, filling it with low-calorie food, but you will not get a feeling of fullness at all leading steroids for sale. There will be a terrible feeling of hunger, which will lead to a breakdown and gluttony.

Its easier to starve than to eat one cabbage. A person can not stand a day on a cabbage diet fresh. Your stomach will hurt, your stomach will swell, and you will be haunted by an unbearable and intensifying feeling of hunger.

And if we talk about stewed cabbage - it is cooked in butter Buy Anabolics in USA. And usually carrots, onions are added to it, and there are already sausages, and this is no longer a dietary dish. Even with vegetable oil, a low-calorie product turns into a high-calorie side dish, which no one has managed to lose weight on yet. In addition, with heat treatment, all vitamins are destroyed, trace elements remain, but in any case, the high calorie content of the dish will not help you lose weight.