Why watermelon can reduce weight

1. It is low-calorie - in 100 grams of the edible part of the fetus contains 38 calories.

2. Diuretic effect - watermelon removes excess fluid from the body well, and it can increase the readings of your scales by an average of 1-2 kilograms.

3. Suppresses hunger - simply by filling the stomach - and at the same time has a relatively low calorie content.

4. Sweet taste. Numerous studies by physiologists have shown that for the human brain, sweet is the strongest “provocateur” of a feeling of satiety, so spending a fasting day on a watermelon will be much easier than on any cucumbers.

Watermelon Days Technology

- It is allowed to eat 1-1.5 kg of watermelon, rye bread and crackers, you can’t drink tea and coffee, - recommends our permanent expert, dietitian Lyudmila Denisenko. - And such fasting days are useful not only for the figure. This is an excellent cleansing of the whole body, you will get rid of toxins, sand, excess salts, even excess cholesterol, and at the same time give a good “boost” to your immunity.


Watermelon diet for weight loss has its contraindications Buy Steroids at a low price in USA. It can not be carried out with reduced kidney function (they simply can not remove excess fluid from the body) and the presence of stones more than 4 mm in diameter. In addition, as with any other mono-diet, you cannot sit on the watermelon menu for more than two days in a row. And in just two days you, unfortunately, will not lose weight.

Get rid of excess water (i.e. from 1-2 kg) - yes, but not from fatty deposits. To start losing centimeters at the waist, you have to repeat such “unloading” regularly, with a break of 4-5 days, while your food on the other days should not become more plentiful. And there is such a risk! The approximate duration of the metabolism of nutrients in the body is three days, i.e. if you get hungry on Monday, expect an increase in appetite on Wednesday-Thursday Buy steroids in USA at online. In general, keep yourself in control and do not part with fasting days, so as not to earn exhaustion with a watermelon diet for weight loss.

Inevitable cons

- It is best to choose medium-sized watermelons (no more than 10 kg), - advises expert on food hygiene, dietitian Elena Solomatina. - Now, at the end of August, fortunately, the harmfulness of watermelons can concern only chips, cracks, bruises. But here the large sizes of the early watermelons may indicate that they were fed with nitrates. These fertilizers have both an instant poisonous effect and a distant one. Cumulative. For example, children, elderly people, people with chronic diseases, or after illnesses, can respond to an excess of nitrates immediately - diarrhea, vomiting, severe pain, and even temperature. In people with more or less good health, they accumulate, eventually causing weakness, decreased immunity, irritability and insomnia.

Crumpled barrel threatens trouble

- Remember that in no case should you buy a cracked watermelon, ”recalls Elena Solomatina. - Watermelon is an excellent adsorbent that absorbs all harmful substances. And through the crack harmful bacteria can get. If you cut a watermelon and saw that in one place the flesh is darker, and only then noticed that it is wrinkled or cracked sideways, it is best not to give such a watermelon to children, even from a “clean” barrel Buy anabolic steroids in Australia. Yes, and adults are not recommended. We all think - we will cut off the spoiled, and you can eat calmly. But the bacteria in the juicy pulp spread very quickly. And the least that could threaten is diarrhea.


What is in the berry

- Its main component is water (from 85 to 90%). Unlike many fruit juices, it does not contain complex sugars that require the production of insulin, which means that even diabetics can use it (albeit moderately). On the other hand, it has mineral salts, that is, the berry maintains a normal water-salt balance and does not harm your kidneys.

- Fiber in watermelon improves intestinal motility. In people with a gastrointestinal problem, excessive consumption of watermelon can cause diarrhea, which means dehydration. In this case, the berry will have the opposite effect of your desired.

- BUTnthioxidants - ascorbic acid, carotene, niacin, thiamine and riboflavin. Substances that protect the body from age-related damage, some of them have anti-cancer effects. However, the amount of these vitamins, frankly, is not outstanding.

- Priceless folic acid (or vitamin B9), without which the human body is not able to develop normally. Necessary to build DNA and RNA, is involved in cell division and regulates the absorption and processing of proteins. It provides a healthy skin color, improves digestion and helps young mothers, increasing the allocation of breast milk.

Marot. 100 grams contains about 60% of the daily norm of this trace element. It provides the normal absorption of other beneficial substances, including vitamins and minerals - calcium, sodium, potassium and others. Second: magnesium helps the muscles and nerves to function Safe Steroid Store. Frequent symptoms of deficiency include cramping of limbs, tingling sensation, weakness and fatigue. And in a neglected form, magnesium deficiency can affect the heart: disturbances in nerve conduction in combination with poor vascular tone threaten arrhythmia and significantly increase the likelihood of a heart attack. Therefore, people with problematic pressure should especially pay attention to the amount of magnesium in their diet. Magnesium is also beneficial for the kidneys - it prevents the formation of stones and generally reduces the deposition of salts in the body. And third: magnesium is considered an excellent antidepressant. If you mope for several days in a row, sleep poorly and cannot concentrate on routine work, it may be the watermelon diet that will return you strength and energy.

- Sodium, potassium, iron, calcium. But in total there are not so many of them there, and to get the recommended daily dose of iron, for example, you will have to eat almost 2 kilograms of watermelon!

- An interesting discovery was made by scientists from the Texas Center for the Study of Fruits and Vegetables. According to them, in the pulp of watermelon contains a substance citrulline, which in the process of metabolism turns into arginine and effectively dilates blood vessels. By this action, watermelon was even better than Viagra.


Pregnant women are also advised to lean on products containing vitamin B9, since a lack of this element will negatively affect the formation of the baby’s nervous system. In addition, a malfunction in DNA reproduction (which can also occur in case of deficiency folacin) potentially increases the risk of developing cancerous tumors. So a watermelon in this regard can be very useful!

Watermelon, on the other hand, is a strong diuretic. In pregnant women in the later stages, natural urges arise more often than usual. Get ready for the fact that after serving a watermelon you will experience even greater discomfort and a feeling of fullness Steroids Direct Australia. The same applies to the intestines. Consumption of watermelon together (or immediately after) with other food leads to strong gas formation; and in women “in position” this can even cause pain.